• Aneros Focus: Sessions for December 19, 21 & 22

    Hi guys,
    I have been having a terrible time with Internet connectivity with my ISP ever since last Thursday. I haven't had this problem since August a year ago at least. Tech support at RCN, my provider, was able to resolve the problem of difficulties dialing up to RCN and sudden connection drops. Today was especially troublesome. So at the suggestion of RCN tech support, I contacted Verizon, my phone provider this afternoon. A capable lady representative at Verizon hopes one of their linemen will come to my apartment building Saturday afternoon to check out my telephone connection.
    Also next Wednesday on December 26, the exterminator will be coming for a routine visit, coupled with an "inspection." I hope that too goes well.
    Yesterday morning, Wednesday, I worked with the following sequence of Aneros models: Maximus — Progasm Classic — Helix Classic — Progasm Ice. I began my session at 6:45 a.m. and concluded it at 8:15 a.m. Duration was 2.5 hours.
    I am getting really adept at using all my Aneros models in my collection. Now I can focus and concentrate upon how each model feels. These days I take great delight in focusing upon how each models massages my prostate. I worked with Maximus for a good 75 minutes. Now I am focusing upon how this good buddy massages my prostate. It feels like Maximus is massaging the full length of my prostate. It is just wonderful to a good six 60 second Kegels with Maximus and just let the pleasure build. That in itself starts my time with Maximus. I have gotten to the point that a light, subtle Kegel directs the massage action in ways across my prostate that make me swoon with pleasure.
    Next I proceeded directly to big, bruiser Progasm Classic during which we had a good 75 minutes together. As always he loves me up in BIG Man fashion, but yesterday morning I had to woo him in his loving autof**k. Right now I am caressing a boner in my sweats just thinking about him.
    Afterward I spent 30 minutes with Helix Classic who massages my prostate in direct, yet sweet, deft fashion. And finally I spent 45 minutes with Progasm Ice who loves me in a mighty, sleek fashion. Yesterday morning, Progasm Ice and I went at it in a great autof**k which I didn't want to end when 8:15 rolled around. But I had to get ready for my departure to my volunteer work at 9 a.m. Alas, I missed my Aneros buddies, especially Helix Syn with whom we didn't spend any time yesterday morning.
    I am sitting here at my PC Kegeling my awakened prostate and longing eagerly for my next Aneros session which should occur early tomorrow morning, Friday.
    Friday morning session: Sequence models used: Maximus )30 min.( — Progasm Ice )75 min.( — Helix Classic )15 min.( — Progasm Classic )75 min.( — Helix Syn )30 minutes(. Duration ca. 2.5 hours.
    Saturday mid morning December 22. Yesterday was the winter solstice, the first day of winter. Winter weather arrived in full brunt around midday. It became blustery and bitterly cold. That took away whatever Aneros afterglow I had following yesterday morning's session. I arrived home after lunch out chilled to the bone. It felt like I was coming down with a sore throat. We are under a high wind warning for much of today with bitterly cold weather. But right now I am blogging Kegeling in my sweats and Nutty Buddy Cup combo. It feels real good as I both blog and Kegel away.
    Recently I have been developing what one could call Aneros focus. All Aneros prostate massagers could be imaged as a reflection of the human penis. Of course, most Aneros models at their base have what are called
    a Perineum tab [P-tab] and a handle. The P-tab both secures the Aneros and massages a guy's perineum, the area between his scrotum and his anus. Then all Aneros models have a stem analogous a guy's cockshaft and a head which massages his prostate. The head of the Aneros is analogous to a guy's glans penis, his cockhead. So when I am Anerosing, I picture each model massaging my prostate. Both the Maximus and both Helix Classic and Syn deliver direct stroking to my prostate. I have gotten to the point that I can contact my anal muscles in all sorts of strengths so deliver all sorts of prostate massage action which is laden with sheer pleasure. Yesterday both the Maximus and Helix Syn stood out in giving me a good ride. However, both my big bruiser buddies, Progasm Ice and Progasm Classic yesterday morning loved me up in BIG GUY fashion as always.
    Right now it is nearly 10 a.m. and I am horny right now for an impromptu Aneros session!
    Saturday morning session: Sequence of models used: Progasm Ice )30 min.( — Helix Classic )30 min.( — Progasm Classic )1 hour(. Duration: 2 hours.
    )Written Sunday afternoon( Progasm Ice gave me a "loose" massage. I suppose this was because my anal sphincters were "loose" from having a session just one day after last Friday morning's session. However Helix Classic gave me an aggressive, direct massage. It was very hard to pull away from him. But, boy, I let the Progasm Classic has his way with me yesterday for a good hour. I delivered various types of Kegels on him and he did the rest. Just loved the rugged autof**k action this big, bruiser guy gave me.
    This morning I woke up with my well-massaged prostate feeling a little sore. But I look forward with great eagerness toward my next session early tomorrow morning, Monday, Christmas Eve. Take care!

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