• Aneros…does nothing??

    * No feeling or sensation whatsoever.
    * Mass shaking of the abdomen and other parts.
    * Serious P-Tab discomfort due to larger prostate swelling.
    * Super T
    My arousal perked back up over the last few days. Something I noticed was that my prostate would be distinctly swelling up. Never felt it grow so large before! Maybe that's due in part to being able to sense it now.
    Due to the bevy of warm, fluttering sensations that happen frequently, I decided to see how things would develop when having some time with the Aneros. After all, if I'm feeling so aroused, one can only imagine how it'd feel using the device!
    As it turns out, it had the opposite effect. The warm sensations vanish, no erections, no good vibes from breathing…everything just goes numb in terms of pleasure. Contractions move on their own, but was just a background event. It seems that whatever joy I developed outside of session, the Aneros clearly didn't gel with it.
    Of the occurrences worth pointing out my body, particularly the abdomen kept going nuts, causing my body to shake. Again, it was merely shaking – nothing came of it apart from irritating distraction. It's not the shaking that is a pre-cursor to the Super O.
    I tried to persevere, and did breathing + contraction exercises along with nipple stimulation. There was some pleasure – albeit VAUGE at that. But when erotic imagery and my mind got the ball rolling the prostate gland swelled up to large proportions again. Now I see why people mention P-tab discomfort. This was literally crushing my PC muscle like a vice so I had to quickly apply some loo paper underneath to soften it. Mass aching!
    Towards the end, I was getting frustrated as to why my penis was completely flat during the whole thing. I know vets will say that the dick should be left out of the party, but for me it provides a lot of the p-waves. I tried stimulating it, but still it was numb in terms of sensations. After finally building an erection, I finally let rip and did a slight Super-T. I did this to see what the sensation should be like for next time.
    But whoops. I blew 25% of my arousal load during that period. Oh well. It'll recharge within a few days anyway.
    Still, bummer of the session. I notice the Aneros does this often: if I anticipate a great time with it (usually due to developments/discoveries outside of it) it often sucks. Then when I use it on a whim…amazing things happen. Reverse psychology, the nerve! In all seriousness though, the p-waves and sensations I learnt without the device are probably a red herring. Feels nice, but nothing to do per se with the subtle feelings it produces.
    When I get back to my home, I'll try the Progasm and see if that changes anything – also the Helix Syn arrives on Monday and will give that a shot. Not placing my bets though.

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      12/30/2012at7:35 pm

      its weird anticipation leeds to a dud session.
      If you look at or touch the aneros all twitching just disappears too.
      Its all Aneros mumbojumbo smoke and mirrrors.:(

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