• Aneros Carnal Knowledge, Session for March 19, 2013

    Hi guys,
    I have suspended for the time being blogging about every Aneros session I have now. Generally now I Aneros first thing in the morning three to four times a week: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday, or Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. I find Saturday morning sessions the best day of the week for me. The rental office is closed Saturday mornings and there is hardly any staff roaming the corridors of our building then. Plus most of my fellow tenants sleep in late Saturday mornings. That means I can have long, leisurely sessions with hardly any distraction.
    In many ways, my sessions in the last couple months have become routine. Generally I begin my sessions with a small Aneros model such as the Helix Classic or Helix Syn. Often I enjoy using the Maximus as an "opener" despite his length. Then I'll move on to either Progasm Ice or Progasm Black Ice before using a smaller model for the mid session. Finally I move on to the main course, consisting of first Progasm Ice or Black Ice introducing me to big, bruiser Progasm Classic. It is with this big bro twosome that I have some really serious Anerosing and autof**k action which makes me glad that I am a man! Sometimes I'll conclude a session with a smaller model as well. Also I work with each model on the average of 30 to 45 minutes, but I let each session dictate the action. All this is subsumed in the sensations which I feel from each model, but all this is different and changes constantly as I Aneros away. My Aneros buddies are so good to me. They have helped me to get in touch with my body in a mighty way in the nearly nine months I have worked with them. Of course, the epicenter of all this erotic feeling and energy is located in my now awakened prostate. In essence, I am working with my erotic male intuition emanating from my prostate, the center of my sexual apparatus. I come away from most of my Aneros sessions, profoundly affirmed, so glad I am a man!
    Sequence of models used: Helix Classic — Progasm Black Ice — Maximus — Progasm Ice — Progasm Classic
    Duration: 2.5+ hours
    Lube used: Virgin olive oil
    I chose "Aneros Carnal Knowledge" as the title of this blog entry. Some etymologists believe the word, FUCK, is an acronym for For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge. It was written in 18th or 19th century British court martial reports of English military sexual misbehavior. But other authorities believe that "to fuck" is derived from the Old English verb "ficken" with cognates in other Germanic languages. Carnal knowledge begins in intense physical courtship of lovers and ends up in elopement, unlawful sexual intercourse. In many societies, the only lawful carnal knowledge is found in the marriage of one man and one woman, although this is being changed with the legalization of same-sex marriage in quite a few countries in our day.
    OK, sorry to go so far afield, but carnal knowledge is also found in Anerosing. The devoted Aneros user gradually discovers the connection that his body, even his consciousness has with his Aneros prostate stimulators. He begins to discover this connection as his prostate awakens and the process of Aneros rewiring. Aneros carnal knowledge leads guys on the path to Aneros realization found ultimately in Super-O's and other Aneros blessings. I am traveling upon such a path, however long and gradual it may be.
    I began this morning's session at 7:25 a.m. with the Helix Classic. I have come to appreciate how the Helix Classic stimulates my prostate in a very direct way. This morning I just allowed the Helix Classic to "neck" with my prostate and just let the pleasure build. In the process, my prostate swelled and became rockhard, very much like an erect penis, yet pliable as I let it "work" my prostate. The pleasure was immeasurable.
    Then I switched to Black Progasm Ice which delivered a full-bodied massage to my prostate. Yet again I wanted the Progasm Black Ice to just neck with my prostate. It felt real good.
    As always Maximus stimulated the full length of my prostate and at the same time "hooked" around my prostate. I focused upon what it was doing to my prostate. Again it felt really good. I believe it was when I worked with Maximus that I let go and let the autof**king begin. The result was unbridled pleasure.
    Finally I concluded with Progasm Ice and his older, big bruiser brother, Progasm Classic. It was absolutely beautiful what these big guys could do as I let go and let them autof**k me. I believe that there are two to three autof**k strokes per second when it happens. I just love feeling the autof**k action as my anal canal and sphincters are stroked and my prostate is pummeled by my three Progasm models. And I certainly enjoy how the Maximus strokes my prostate when it autof**ks me.
    Now after my Aneros session today, I had one of the most memorable Aneros afterglows that I have had in a long time. I kegeled off and on most of the day. I also received a couple messages from guys who enjoy reading my blog. With all the terrible news going on in the world these days, it is reassuring to know that the Aneros is there to lift us up as men and give us good physical, mental, and sexual health, and even spiritual wellbeing. Take care!

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