• Aneros Autopilot, Long Autof**k Strokes, and Focus: Sessions for January 19 & 21

    Hi guys,
    This morning )Saturday January 19( I arose at 5:15 a.m. after hearing the hourly news on the radio. Then I had a leisurely breakfast with some cups of coffee during which I did my laundry. Afterwards around 7 a.m., I had a BM, shaved and bathed, and set up for the session this morning which began later than normal at 7:30 and concluded 10:45 a.m.
    Sequence models used: Helix Classic — Progasm Black Ice — Maximus — Helix Syn — Progasm Classic:
    Lube used: Extra virgin olive oil.
    Duration: ca 3.15 hours.
    My session this morning helped me settle upon extra virgin olive oil as my lube of choice, although I will continue to switch off with Astroglide. I can use little amounts of extra virgin olive oil for lubing my butthole and my Aneros tools. Insertion and withdrawal of my Aneros buddies along with massage action is so smooth and easy with olive oil.
    I began with Helix Classic. He slipped easily to the hilt. I performed a few 60 second Kegels upon him as I felt the pleasure build in my prostate. Once again my prostate was a V8 engine revving up easily with the slightest motion. This morning I decided to just "sit quietly" with this good buddy as two lovers would. Then I would let Aneros autopilot take over as I laid both my hands at my side on the towel. I began to focus on the autof**k strokes of my Helix Classic upon my prostate. It was beginning to feel really good, but the best was coming for sure!
    Next I switched to Progasm Black Ice, the newest member of my Aneros Team. He performed admirably as did Maximus who followed my new black big bruiser. Afterward, I just sit with Helix Syn for a while even though on the surface little happened. I concluded this morning's session with big, bruiser Progasm Classic who performed just as well as Progasm Black Ice, perhaps even better.
    I now summarize this session with some definitions of a several terms and some observations:
    1. Aneros Autopilot is when you suspend as much of your active Anerosing as possible. You let your body take over and just let your Aneros tools have control over in your sessions. You may even fall into a trance when you do this. You just let smaller Aneros models such as Helix Classic and Helix Syn deliver the best type of prostate massage as they can.
    2. Aneros autof**k strokes can be short and long. They can be rapid, jackrabbit strokes, or slow yet deep strokes. Imagine in your mind how a man fucks and you get the picture. The best lover is one who goes with the flow, so too the experienced Aneroser.
    3. Aneros focus is when the Aneroser pays close attention to what his Aneros good buddies are doing to him. He is lost in wonder in the absolute pleasure that the members on his Aneros Team are rendering to him.
    So Saturday morning, I endeavored to get into the Aneros Zone of Pleasure with each of my Aneros tools. I started with Helix Classic. Helix Classic delivers direct stimulation to my prostate. So what I did was position the head of Helix Classic on my prostate. Helix Classic laid on my prostate for a minute or so as I felt my prostate harden, become erect, and pulsate or "boil" with pleasure, much as a steam locomotive does before it starts pulling the train forward. My pulsating prostate with increasing pleasure sets in motion the autof**k stroking. This happened several times with Helix Classic.
    With Maximus, it was even more so with long autof**k strokes time and time again. With Progasm )Black( Ice and Progasm Classic this was especially so with such pummeling at my "backdoor!" that I have only experienced in the last couple weeks at least.
    So in conclusion to this discussion on Aneros Autopilot, Aneros Autof**king of various types, and Aneros focus, especially when Getting into the Aneros Zone, somehow the image of Old Faithful Geyser in Yellowstone National Park comes to mind. This famous geyser has an underground network of chambers containing water fed by springs, all heated by super-hot volcanic rock. These underground chambers of water are first set a-boiling and then the steam comes charging suddenly out of the geyser in a series of spectacular jets sky high once an hour. Or when a guy is masturbating his penis and his testicles, seminal vesicles, ampullae, prostate, and ancillary organs are set a-boiling with semen being mixed and churned like milk to cream. He experiences mounting sexual pleasure in the process which leads ultimately to orgasm and ejaculation of his semen much like Old Faithful Geyser. There is nothing like a man who shoots cum and in the process feels pleasure emanating from his groin suffusing his whole body, even his whole consciousness. This is certainly true also in the heat of coitus when he makes love to his beloved.
    But an experienced Aneroser experiences this over and over in his sessions. He ultimately will experience a Super-O, or even several, or even many series of MMO's. This what I yearn for both within my Aneros sessions and outside them.
    Monday morning session, January 21:
    Sequence of models used: Helix Syn — Maximus — Progasm Black Ice — Helix Classic — Progasm Classic.
    Lube used: Extra virgin olive oil.
    Duration: ca. 3 hours.
    This morning I experienced pretty much what I experienced this past Saturday. The most wonderful thing about Aneros autopilot is that I can focus upon and observe how each of my Aneros tools massage my prostate. )Written on Tuesday afternoon, the day following(. While yesterday morning's session went well enough, my mind were other places, such as President Obama's second inauguration and yesterday's Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday. Yet my prostate and anal canal were well Anerosed. Even when my mind is focused other places or activities, there is that revved boil in my idle V8 engine which is my prostate!

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