• Aneros and Aless sweetness in honor of @Harper

    Hi guys,

    It is near the end of a long day and I have to get to bed soon. But this past Sunday, I had a sandwich with some spicy sauce that didn’t agree with me..
    I had exercise some self-care which preempted any thoughts of having an Aneros session Presidents Day morning at sunrise. I went to bed early Monday night. Towards midnight I awoke rejoicing that my bowels were feeling much better. I diddled some and fell back to sleep.

    I am so grateful that my good buddy @Harper has returned to our community this past Sunday. He reestablished contact with me through an PM late this afternoon. I enjoy very much his repartee, especially on topics as nipple diddling and stimulation of the frenulum. I am getting horny about all this. I know that our interactions will expand to other topics and experiences, to which other guys are welcome!

    Take care.

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