• and so it begins…

    I made the trip to Oklahoma. MGX was packed in my bags and I was able to spend time with my family for the Thanksgiving holiday.
    As I was warned, it feels like it could become addictive… even before I start using it…
    I thought a lot about the evening when I would be alone in my hotel room… what I would do, what advice I should follow, how it was going to feel…
    I thought about it all day long. And I could not wait to excuse myself from my brothers' kids and the rest of the family and make my way to the hotel…
    As predicted, the sweaty palms subsided, but the tingle below my belt did not.. I wasn't packing wood, but I sure was aware of everything down there… and it was a great feeling. A feeling of anticipation, of exploration, of flirtation.
    I have never been a very publicly sexual person, so this blog is a very new adventure for me… and my journey with my new MGX was also something new… something that felt very private, but something that I also wanted to share.
    I don't know why I want to blog about this, but I do… and I will… as long as it feels good to me…
    For the comments of encouragement, thanks! rook and joey, thanks for the welcome… you are a big part of why I want to publicly continue on this journey… Thanks!
    As I headed to the hotel, I was expecting a lot and nothing at the same time… was this a big waste of time and money, or was the multiple male orgasm possible? Honestly, I'm not sure where this will lead, but the anticipation is driving me crazy!
    Lets see what happens…

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      04/26/2011at3:37 am

      I know what you mean by not wanting to publicly talk about sexual matters.
      That's the good thing about these blogs anon. blogs i find. You can tell all the world all your pent up feelings and no one will look at you in the street.
      By the way skip, everything is not bigger in texas, my latest g/f is from there an she's only 4ft 11. Sweet tho, mind you we live in pokey old blighty

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