• And On Into A New Day!

    So, after last night’s revelations of ecstasy, I slept like the dead. When I awoke this morning, my body felt serene and at peace, and oddly, still in a very heightened state of arousal. While I was eating my cereal, I couldn’t keep my hands off my nipples. I was fluttering and lightly p-waving and then I had my shower. I have the shower head on the usual needle setting and when I used it to clean the undercarriage, the feeling was unbelievable! Tingling and fluttering and butterflies blowing alpenhorns! Gawd, I couldn’t keep my hands off myself and I wandered around the house naked, stroking my neck, nipples, sides, ass cheeks and legs. What the hell? Why not give it a try. As soon as I crawled back into bed, I could feel waves starting. Pillow between my legs and a very little contraction, and I was soon breathing my way into 4 more! Then two more on my back! A little while later, two more in my easy chair! After lunch, two more in my kitchen chair and another two in the easy chair! Even now, as I type this, I can feel how my body is disconnected somewhat and if my abs weren’t sore, I’d do some more. But first, I’m off to the post office to pick up my Helix Syn!

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