• Analogous Quote

    "The bird of paradise lands only on the hand that does not grasp." ~ John Berry
    I came across this quote on a Facebook post today and it seemed analogous to the rewiring journey upon which we all have embarked.
    I often use a similar story image when explaining this experience to new users when they struggle with "trying" to get somewhere in their journey.
    If you pursue a wild deer in hopes that you will pet it, or feed it, it will flee from you. Chasing the deer will only increase the distance between you and it. But, if you wait, patiently, with an open, receiving hand, the timid deer will eventually come to you. It will eat from your hand, sweetly connecting with you in a way you could never imagine. That magical touch will forever alter your perspective of life and you perception of what joy is. You may even utter, whisper )so as not to startle the wild thing away(, "It kissed my hand."
    I looked and looked online to find out who John Berry is/was. But, I found nothing. If anyone knows anything about him, I'd appreciate it if you let me know.


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