• Anal pleasures

    Dear blog,

    I have focused too much on my penis lately while trying to milk myself. Bringing myself to the edge of cumming is very pleasurable indeed, but I have failed to remain on the right side of the edge and my sessions have every time ended with an ejaculative orgasm. I really want to avoid the post-orgasmic prolactin increase in my body and I have now decided to focus on anal pleasures instead. Here are some notes from two very pleasurable sessions.

    Immediately when I woke up one morning a few weeks ago I knew what I wanted, anal pleasure. After getting washed and ready I chose my favorite prostate massager the Nexus Ultra Si, which fits my anatomy perfectly. Before insertion I carefully massaged my anus with my finger and I felt from the beginning that this will be a great session. The insertion of the massager went smoothly and I had my first anal orgasm within seconds. I was so aroused! I ignored my penis completely throughout the session and I was greately rewarded. The anal orgasms were simply breathtaking! During that session I primarily focused on the anal sensations and not the prostate.

    This Sunday morning I wanted something big up my ass! I chose my Njoy Pure wand and I inserted the big ball end. I was a little surprised that my sphincter is now used to the size of the big ball and the insertion was quite easy. I started out by doing nothing and just letting my arousal grow. The feeling of the big ball filling me up and pressuring against my prostate was awesome and I started orgasming. After some nice prostate orgasms I focused on the anal sensations and I let the anal orgasms take over. Then I continued with some vigorous prostate massaging and the prostate responded with very strong prostate orgasms.

    I stopped massaging and I laid still for a while. I stretched out my legs and my arms, enjoying my nakedness and the feeling of being penetrated, and I had a couple of full body orgasms. I noticed that the orgasms were induced by focusing on different parts of my body. I focused on my perineum and I orgasmed, I focused on the center of the pubic area and I orgasmed, I focused on my solar plexus and I orgasmed, I focused on my heart and I orgasmed, I focused on my throat and I orgasmed, I focused on my forehead and I orgasmed, I focused on the top of my head and I orgasmed. Those points seem to be very orgasm sensitive even though I don’t care at all about the mystical dimension of them! I continued and let the orgasmic sensations start from my feet, my knees, my hips, my nipples, my shoulders and my hands. Orgasms, orgasms, orgasms, all over my body! I finally had to stop.

    I’m really, really looking forward to my next morning session! When writing this my cock is very hard, but the poor thing will not get any attention whatsoever!

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