• Anal pleasures – Part II – Tempo surprise

    Dear blog,

    Monday was an Orgasm Day! I woke up early in the morning, because I had planned a morning session for a special reason. I’m very interested in buying the Njoy Pfun plug and I read a lot of reviews. Some users think it is not big enough and that it has a tendency to slip out. Earlier on I have had the same problem of small and medium size prostate massagers slipping out. Now I have become used to bigger toys like the big ball end of the Njoy Pure wand and the Nexus Excel. Note to myself, I must retry the Progasm, which has been unused for a while because it did not feel comfortable inside me. Anyway, I chose the Nexus Ultra Si for the session, because it is of similar size as the Pfun plug and I had a test run. If I could hold on to it throughout the whole session I would order the Pfun plug. To my great joy my sphincter has now become strong enough to hold on to medium size toys even during quite strong contractions. I had a nice session and the Ultra Si delivered many pleasurable orgasms. I did the seven chakra points orgasm pattern and I reached a high orgasm plateau of full body orgasms. It was a really awesome Monday morning session, what a way to start a week!

    Speaking of unused toys. As my morning test was succesful I wanted to test my sphincter’s ability to hold on to smaller toys. I remembered I bought a Tempo some time ago but I used it only once because my ass was a bit sore afterwards. I decided to give it a try eventhough I already had a session in the morning. I did a lot of research reading all about it in the forum. I chose a position standing on my knees and elbows and supporting my chest with a pillow. The Tempo really surprised me with a very nice and warm feeling and no discomfort at all. The anal orgasms started after a while and they felt very good. I had a pause doing some other things I had to attend to but I wanted more of the Tempo and I started over again, this time lying on my back. Now I got very strong orgasms and I reached the plateau of full body orgasms as in the morning. Finally I was quite exhausted and I had to stop. I noticed my flaccid penis resting in a big puddle of precum on my stomach. I could not resist rubbing the precum onto my penis and it got semi erect. I let go of it and I noticed a familiar orgasm approaching while my penis became fully erect. I just let the feeling of cumming overtake me and I had a hands free wet orgasm. I seldom experience these nowadays, so I took the chance and enjoyed it, even if it means I have to start the semen retention cycle from the beginning again. But it was totally worth it!

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