• Anal Pleasure: My Sexuality Part 2

    I have always found that there is something inherently erotic about being in a hotel alone. Don’t get me wrong, J and I have had some incredibly sexy times together but there is something decadent about being naked in a new place that is not home, and sexing myself up in quiet solitude as I view my body responding to growing arousal. Freed from any inhibitions I will murmur all types of lewd and lurid things and articulate all kinds of fantasies when I am sailing in chains of chilling ecstasy from cascading MMOs.
    I have always masturbated in front of mirrors and watched porno when I traveled before. But ever since I have learned to MMO my solo trips have taken on a whole new dimension. I really look forward to the intimate alone time and the layers of complex, intense and chilling orgasms that I coax from my body in the dimly lit darkness of hotel rooms. Lying on my stomach with my anus exposed and penetrated by a ruthless instrument of sexual pleasure is not only lewd but it is vulgar and sensual as well.
    All weekend I thought about the two nights that I would be alone in the hotel. Knowing that I would be using my collection of prostate massagers I began to crave anal penetration and the subsequent echoes of rapture that vibrate in my body when my anal canal is pulsing with prostate orgasms. It is these moments and those feelings that I have about anal orgasm that have awakened the female inner part of me and have allowed me to appreciate the feminine desire to be penetrated. I now know what it is like to feel the unique piquant ache of anal arousal and the excruciating ecstasy of anal orgasm. There is a sensitive responsiveness in my anus that really needs the vulgar invasion of being penetrated and the intrusive stimulation inside my anal canal that forces orgasms from me. I literally have no control over them when the tantalizing tingle of deep anal stimulation invades my anus . When I feel the exquisitely delightful sensation of a massager in my anal canal a peristaltic reaction occurs, just like putting your finger down your throat. But inside of regurgitating bile as in a throat, the penetration of my anus results in a regurgitation of escalating erotic pleasure resulting in the pulsing and pumping ecstasy of orgasms in chains that grow in intensity as they ring in my anus.
    I am sitting here now at seven am with my anus tingling and throbbing from the evenings pleasure. Here is the narrative of what happened on my last trip.
    I got into the hotel at about five o clock after having driven for a little more than six hours. I stopped and had a very light early dinner along the way to allow for enough time for digestion. When I got into the hotel I plugged my computer in and chatted with a few friends and with several people I know on some sex forums. I then spent a couple of hours writing my auto biographic erotic novel. All of these things and the anticipation of penetration set up a very high level of arousal. The entire time I was writing my cock was hard and dripping. The writing of the novel has proven to be one of the most erotic things I do. Sex for me )even with J( is very much inside my head. Writing the novel allows me to visit all the most incredibly arousing and sometime lurid thoughts and visions in my head and surround myself with them and virtually wallow in my sexuality.
    So at 11:30 PM my arousal was honed to a keen edge. I went in the shower and turned the water up to as hot as I could stand. It was wonderful to feel the hot water cascading over my tense muscles. Lathering up my pubic hair with gentle moisturizing soap that I brought with me I was careful to spend a little extra time lathering my cockhead and my frenulum underneath it. My penis turned to iron in response to the gentle stroking and the feeling of the warm lush slippery soap suds. I brought myself to the edge of orgasm several times but stopped well before the moment of inevitable ejaculation. I did this to well up the cum in my penile bulb. When my penile bulb is full of cum the MMO’s tend to be much more pleasurable.
    Getting out of the shower I dried myself off in front of the mirror taking the time to admire my fully erect bare cock and hanging balls. My balls tend to be tight to my body except after being in a warm bed or hot shower, when they hang loose. I love hanging balls, they look so sexy. I do not usually shave I usually just trim myself; but I shave my cock before a session or before fucking J to enhance the sensations. Besides that my cock looks prettier when it is glistening with precum or lube and bare. I took some of the moisturizing lotion from the hotel complimentary tray in the bathroom and coated my cosk in moisturizer again teasing myself to the edge of ejaculation. I stood in front of the mirror admiring my rigid member and my body. Closing my eyes I began to tease my nipples and caress my balls. Without an image for distraction I crept into that warm erotic place in my mind where sexy thoughts and arousing sensations come together to make my body respond with a flood of arousing reactions. I wrapped my mind in visions of feminine and masculine sexuality and I envisioned suckling on J’s pussy and having her suckle my anus.
    I could feel my prostate swelling, it began to throb. My anus began to tingle and twitch. My erect cock was drooling a stream of precum and my heart was pounding in my chest. I was ready.
    So retrieving my N Joy Phun Plug from my travel bag, I lubed it up and unwrapped a condom. I put the massager in the condom and laid it on the nightstand next to the bed. I laid the extra sheet I bring with me to hotels on the bed to catch any leakage of lube and I laid on my back on top of it. I raised both of my knees to my chest and took some of the lube from the massager on my middle finger and began to gently massage the opening of my anus. Breathing deeply and slowly and relaxing I gave myself over to the euphoria that was lapping at my asshole. After 20 minutes of delicate massage, and taunting teasing of my anus by inserting my finger just barely into it, my desire for penetration was screaming deep inside me.
    Reaching for the massager, I inserted it. The response was immediate. My anus began to throb and pulse with the exquisite relief of internal stimulation. I stood up and went in the bathroom to brush my teeth and stifle the dry orgasm that I knew was imminent if I continued to lay on the bed. My goal was to save the building orgasm for later in the night.
    After peeing and brushing my teeth I returned to the bed. Although the feeling of orgasmic build up had waned, the throbbing of my anus as it gripped the massager tightly didn’t. I got into bed and tried to ignore the very pleasant pulsing intrusion of the massager inside me. Finally from the long days drive and having been awake since six AM I fell asleep. It was almost 1 AM.
    As I had hoped the nights sleep was a series of interrelated very sexual dreams. The core theme was of a naked thin small breasted young woman who was following me around during a series of events I was engaged in. Whenever I stopped somewhere she knelt behind me and parted my ass cheeks to suck on my asshole; my anus responded to her warm lips and probing tongue by pulsing and spasming. The scene would change and I would have to go someplace else, and she would follow me and again kneel behind me and part me to reveal my quivering hole and she would again pierce me with her tongue eliciting extreme pleasure from me.
    I awoke in the dark of the hotel room by the gentle pulsing of an orgasm in my anus. It was 3 AM. Remaining awake I surrendered to the demands of the orgasm this time. I let myself relish the full and sweet sensation of the massager reaching the magic spot inside my asshole. In my mind I envision my anal canal being filled with pleasure from this magical pipe that had penetrated me. I could feel the orgasmic tension filling me until I thought my asshole might explode from the intense pleasure.
    Instead of exploding I felt myself fall into the arms of an MMO. Wave after wave of rapture rippled back and forth inside my anal canal. It was like a long through with water in it that was being tilted from side to side, making the water slosh back and forth in a wave. Only inside me, at one end was my cock and the other my prostate. The sensation was like an echo. The deeply pleasurable contraction like spasm that gripped my cockhead was rolling along my erect shafy gripping my balls and stroking my perineum to find my anal opening making it quiver and convulse as it entered it. When it was inside of me it gripped my prostate and squeezed it hard to make it shudder in agonizing ecstasy. I envisioned warm cum being squeezed from a sponged dribbling between delicate feminine fingers. The pleasure redoubled with that image.
    I breathed deeply and toggled my nipple with my left hand. The orgasm roared like a lion that had just been given red meat. The sequence began again. I envisioned the lithe sexually alluring young woman of my dream and I imaging it was her finger and tongue up my anus stroking the hot quivering center of my male pleasure. The sequence of the rolling wave of orgasmic pleasure began again. I breathed into the wave and teased my nipple.
    The orgasm kept building with each successive wave. After a number of them )I couldn’t count( they took on a life of their own. I removed my finger from my nipple and gave myself to them. For 30 minutes straight I was tossed and buffeted by wave after wave of rapture rolling from my cock head to my anus. I shuddered, moaned and murmured lewd utterances as the deeply intense pleasure drilled into me and squeezed me and tortured me with sensations that pushed me into a haze of ecstasy.
    Some time I succumbed to sleep as the waves eventually ebbed. When I awoke it was six thirty. Light was drifting into the room though the gauzy curtains in the window. I pulled out the phun plug; it came out with a sucking pop. It felt very pleasant being removed.
    Reaching over to the night stand I took an Aneros eupho and coated the tip with a daub of lube. The eupho is long and thin and reaches deeper into my anal opening than the N Joy does. It would grant me a different sensation.
    Again lifting my knees to my chest I inserted the massager. The sensation was more subtle this time as my desperate craving for penetration had been satisfied. Nonetheless it felt delightful sliding in past my sensitized anus. I covered up to keep warm and left the eupho work its magic. I felt the tip touching the soft pulsing flesh of my gland. I eliminated all thoughts of anything but that rounded tip of the massager probing my now hardening gland. The sensation of regurgitation and subsequent sexual pleasure began to fill my anal tract. My cock felt like I had to pee, I knew that that was a reflex and not reality so I incorporated it into the flood of pleasurable sensations that beginning to grip me again.
    I got up on my knees and pressed my chest against the pillows on the mattress. Taking two hands I parted my ass cheeks to give the eupho room to move. Unfettered by the grip of my anus and cheeks the massager was gripped by involuntary contractions that moved it in and out of my anus. In effect I was being fucked by myself.
    The sensation was of sucking pleasure. As the massager popped in and out of my anus the pleasure went from mild to excruciatingly sweet. Again I began to verbalize but this time I expressed the deep rapture that I felt in terms of being fucked. In particular I thought of someone I know very well fucking me. The sucking pleasure turned into an explosion of orgasmic ecstasy with lasted for fifteen minutes. The precum was streaming from my cock which was dangling between my legs and lurching as each sucking orgasm tugged at my insides. When the waves of orgasms ebbed I pulled out the massager and fell onto the bed.
    I started writing this at 7 AM it is now almost 9 AM. I need to get on with my day. I am posting this unedited. I apologize for the typos and awkward punctuation. I will fix it later today. In the meantime I must take my precum covered cock and my asshole that is dripping with lube into the shower and get ready for the day. I still have another night here and the trip home tomorrow. I can sleep in tomorrow so I will plan on tonight being another hot one.

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