• Anal Orgasm

    Friday night after an early dinner J went to my daughter’s house about an hour away to go to a late movie near her house and stay overnight. It’s been nice that the two of them have become movie buddies; they go to chic flicks on a regular basis. I am happy that my daughter is able to spare me from going to movies that I would rather not see. It was a 9:20 PM showing so J decided ahead of time to spend the night in my daughter’s apartment which is 10 minutes from the theater rather than drive the hour to come home. So I slept alone that night.
    After chatting with some friends on line and doing some minor work related writing I headed up to bed. Alone time in the house or in a hotel is always time that I use for prostate massage. Most of my MMO sessions are done with nothing inside me with J in the bed next to me; the sensations from a massager less session are lush and deep and subtle. Massager-less sessions are lower to build up but they never fail to get my precum flowing profusely when they are in full bloom. I love doing them.
    But a session done with a prostate massager probing my anus affords a unique feeling of being penetrated; it is a thrilling, gratifying, and highly erotic sensation. Because of my craving for anal penetration I can identify with many women’s craving for vaginal penetration. When I decide I am going to do a penetration driven session my anus begins to tingle and feel a deep aching hunger. There is a very pleasant yet desperate arousal and a sensation of needing to feel my anal cavity being invaded by a long probing massager that grows inside my anus, makes my anus twitch and quickens my heart beat. When my Tempo is inside my anus the resulting sensation is the sweet anguish of a gag like reflex as if my anus is regurgitating, similar to what I would feel if I stuck a finger down my throat. The difference being a reverse peristaltic reflex in my anus transforms quickly to extremely pleasurable ripples up my anal cavity, triggering my prostate to swell and erect and start pulsing with pleasure.
    So after a shower I got in bed and read for a while. When I was sufficiently sleepy I prepped my Tempo which consisted of filling a condom, sliding the Tempo inside and tying the opening of the condom in a knot. I then set the massager on the night stand.
    I turned out the light and dropped off to sleep; three hours later I woke in half sleep with a raging erection and my anus throbbing. I rolled onto my side and raised my knee. I took my time and gingerly maneuvered the head of the massager at the entrance of my anus, teasing myself. With my anus flexing wildly I slid the Tempo in, settling it comfortably in my anus.
    The feeling of the heavy rounded head of the massager pressing against my prostate and protruding from my anus made my cock quiver; the sensation of it sliding into me was exquisitely sensual. My anal canal seemed to be sucking on it. As it sank into me chills went up my spine and my nipples hardened and erected in sympathy. Once seated deeply in my canal my anal opening tightened reflexively; the familiar convulsions of pleasure and the gagging of my anal canal started making me gasp. I struggled to suppress the MMO that was starting right then and there; putting my legs down I savored the sensation of being fucked in the ass and tried to save the orgasm from starting to let it build for a bit.
    Applying my best Zen mediation skills I tried to ignore the glowing embers of pleasure in my anus that was ever so slowly filling me up. The agonizing bliss in my anus was pulsing gently threatening to explode into convulsive spasms of ecstasy any moment. I tried to minimize them and pretend I didn’t feel them as I breathed deep and full and focused on my feet. But like high tide slowly and inexorably rising on a sandy beach the orgasmic tension was flowing into my anus around the insistent intruder that plugged my asshole and was gently pressing against my now rigid P spot. The pressure of the head of the massager on my aroused prostate was sending irrepressible ripples of sweet rapture over my skin and deep into my body.
    Slowly I rolled over gently placing my aching cockhead on the mattress. The pressure of my stomach on my cock shaft expressed a large wet drool of precum on the mattress; I felt its warmth spread under my belly. Angling my left shoulder up to provide finger access to my nipple I brought my left hand middle finger up and tenderly toggled my erect nub. An electric jolt of white hot pleasure shot from my rigid dark pink nipple straight to my prostate making it clench and radiate a wave of sheer ecstasy as it did. That spasm initiated a chain reaction of rhythmic pumping convulsive waves of pleasure that launched the session.
    In a choreographed dance that was elegantly graceful and spellbinding my anus grabbed onto the massager and began to draw it back and forth inside of my anus. As my opening held the base of the shaft tight in a clench of pleasure, involuntary orgasmic spasms began to slowly push and pull the extremely blissful foreign object that was lodged in its grip and out of my hole as if it was a bow on a violin being drawn over strings.. As my anus sucked and pulled on the massager the bulbous head deep inside me was gently stroking my very aroused and lust hardened gland. Each pulsing spasm that drew the head over my rigid prostate caused a chime of serene pleasure to reverberate inside of me. The vibration rippled down to my cock and perineum and made them both lurch and recoil in bliss. As I savored each sweet orgasmic echo inside of me another would start, then another and another. The spasms were quickening and growing in intensity as they did.
    Breathing into the anguished ecstasy that was playing inside my anus I projected fantasies into my conscious mind and described those fantasies to the empty room. Continuing to tease my nipples I elongated the orgasmic spasms and changed their rhythm though my breathing and the pace and nature of my nipple stim.
    The massager was being sucked firmly into my anus with each spasm. The ball tipped Tempo was rubbing on my Prostate spot as each orgasmic spasm drew the massager deeply into my anal canal. The internal stroking, my nipple stim and my controlled breathing were making intensely pleasurable orgasmic waves roll inside of my anal cavity and making me moan and mewl in agonized rapture as the orgasm sucked pre cum and ecstasy from me in equal measure.
    The spasms grew stronger and faster as I struggled to cope with the resounding echoes of pleasure that were milking my prostate with a firm hard grip and making my penile bulb pump and shudder in sympathy.
    As the massager quickened its reflexive penetration the pleasure became almost unbearable; I began to verbalize the most lurid fantasies in my erotic repertoire. The result was a series or orgasmic spasms that were deeply intense. I took advantage of the privacy I had and bellowed a lewd description of what I was feeling. Verbalizing the sensations of the moment seemed to give the pleasure I was feeling a resonance and a depth that made it hard for me to breathe.
    These orgasms were characteristically harder and more rugged than the massager less ones that I do. I feared that I might be pushing my body too hard to continue this intense orgasmic session more than the 40 minutes I had already. So I rolled on my side in an attempt to calm the spasms by eliminating any penile stim. The orgasms had reached a point however where they were so pleasurable they were sustaining themselves, one feeding the next. They were out of my control. For a full hour they rolled in and out of my spasming rectum as I writhed in sweet agonizing ecstasy.
    After the hour, I lay there for another five minutes relishing the divine convulsions that were continuing inside me. Without any stim on my cockhead the pleasure concentrated deep inside my anus; I had a golden spike deep inside of me creating paroxysms of sheer sexual pleasure. With firm tugging the muscles in my anal opening clenched onto the massager and were taunted into tugging on the massager in my anus, sucking it like it was a gourmet lollipop. I became acutely aware of the presence of the cock like probe in my canal, my anal muscles clenching it like it was a precious jewel.
    I knew the only way to stop the orgasmic waves was to remove the massager. So as my asshole gripped the massager tenaciously I pulled on it. The continuing spasms of ecstasy did not want to relinquish the source of their immobilizing rapture, but with persistence I prevailed and the massager came out with a wet sucking pop.
    My anus trembled in the absence of the source of its euphoria. And like leaves fluttering to the ground in a fall wind, my orgasm collapsed around me in the bed. My semi erect cock began to hard to stone as it always does in the moments after a session is over.
    Sleepily I reached for a tissue from the nightstand next to the bed and wiped the lube that was dripping from my gaping asshole. My arousal was honed to a keen edge and the bed next to me was empty. J would be home tomorrow …. I missed her.

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