• An open insight Into a personal aneros journey part 7

    So its been a while since I checked my draw under my bed at university for my secret naughty notes to write my blog. I have undertaken lots of new sensation and have even taken up KSMO which works well 🙂
    26/4: I started a session with my progasm which felt great as ever. Around 20 minutes in energy was rushing up to my head.Then o my god around an hour in energy was teasing me cell by cell as it slowly made its way up my body. And within an hour and a half it has taken control of my body like a naughty mistress the thing was driving me crazy and I was shaking out of control. I started to play with my nipples and putting pressure on my balls. This drove me even wilder as it pushed the progasm right up against my naughty device.
    27/4: Ok just looking round google for a new site to fix me with some good porn to watch. I came across a good site called fullsuck.com. I watched a naughty and kinky version of robin hood which had the one and only Ron Jeremy playing friar fuck how amusing. I relaxed for 30 minutes and let the progasm take me to wonderland. I then took out a very old friend my stamina training unit fleshlight, the opening never looked as inviting as this I slowly slipped in. This felt amazing as I stroked my shaft as my progasm worked sofia as she swelled with each stroke and the energy drew up my body. I later had a great orgasm.
    10/5: so im back at university and I have come back to added stress of revising for my finals so a much needed pamper session is vital. So I got all naughty and whipped out an old friend to play with my mind and body my tailess Helix. It felt so nice inside me as it has been a little while since I have had a nice massage. Soon after I felt lovely p-waves rip across me. After an hour or so I decided whilst I’m still game I took out my progasm for a spin and lubed it up. This felt really nice and within 20 minutes I felt the energy charging and playing around inside me. Then as a shock surprise I felt the sensations cool me which felt uber nice, these later turned and made me feel as if I was humming like a womens vibrator. The tingles then started to move all around me I relaxed and took it all in. The cooling rushed into my balls and up my dick, I absorbed all the pleasure as it melted into my mind.

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