• An open insight Into a personal aneros journey part 4

    Its that time again. Although it hasn't been so long ago since my last blog but I can tell you I have moved along on my experiences and this whole new world that has been open to me to gaze and enjoy. My thirst for knowledge has never been higher. As a university student studying science I feel im a person that is open to new ideas and thats great as due to this im sexually open to new and exciting experiences. So if someone asks you to try something different at least try it out once and experiment.
    30/3: Well as I have been a user of my helix for a while I have become more aware of my body and having realised I must treat it like a temple I purchased some organic lube I ended up buying Sliquid organic h2o and some nipple plugs the nipple plugs wheren't so great.I tried the nipples plugs out they where bit big and where a little aggressive .
    The lube however was very nice and so slippery.
    Later that night I got myself in the mood for a session so I locked my door got undressed and went to my new favourite online porn site TNA flix which is great as you can select multiple catergories and it comes up with videos which match them. On this site I came across Jada Fire so I watched a sexy clip of her enjoying two guys. I watched whilst doing my new tantra technique this was great. I couldnt take it any longer so i jumped into a session. I relaxed and I managed to reach a new level of relaxtion I felt so heavy and calm. I heard my flat m8s outside my door in the corridor talking so I just prayed they wouldnt interupt me. I felt waves of warm pleasure hit my body like a tropical tide. It soon after I felt a new sensation a cooling one across my whole groin area. My prostate was loving the attention giving me rewards with my contraction of waves and pleasure. And I came close to reaching a climax about 3 times.
    1/3: Well I was sat on my bed watching the tv series smallville I so wanna be superman I think we have alot in common. I was just using the tantra technique I use. I moved onto stroking my nipples and then moved onto my boy spot to see if I could reach a wet O again. I was loving every drop of energy that was drawing up my shaft to my tip and it felt so great. After a little while I started to feel a some what new sensation of the pulsing of my perinium into my balls and up my shafts and back again this felt great and lasted a few minutes. I enjoyed it up until an unpleasant sensation of blood rising to my tip. I ended the session with masterbation the ejaculation orgams lasted ages.
    8/3: Woke up early as I couldnt sleep as the sun was out smilling and was keeping me awake. So I got up and went to the post office at the university to collect my new tantra book I ordered called Urban Tantra by Barbara Carrellas. As I got to the elcture theater early and i was in a naughty mood I started to read it the cover looks really nice as well has a sexy women with a nice tattoo at the bottom of her back and a cute butt on her. I felt really naughty as one wall was just made from glass and people where walking past. It was later that night i noticed when reading the chakra symbols in the book which represent the channel in the body where your energy moves along resembled the symbol on my necklace in my lucid dream a while back and I hadnt even come across tantra at this stage. Turns out the symbol in my dream closely represents the symbol for the sixth chakra which is said to be the centre of wisdom and creative thought who knew my mind could be so wise.
    I started a session with my helix later on that night taking onboard what I have read so far in the tantra book as I gave focus on my breathing and totally on being a reciever to the energy letting it over power me. I just imagined a women teasing me with a prostate massage and I let her dominate me. After an hour my prostate was so engorged it was pressing right up against my helix this felt so incredible.
    10/3: I have had a relaxing day reading though my tantra book letting it words open my mind even greater. I came across a tantra breathing technique which uses the movement of energy around the body. This technique is called a fire orgams it simples is a relaxation technique where you relax through calm breath and focus on moving the energy from the perinium right up to your crown. This is done by focussing throught to the chakra's in ytour body letting the energy calmly flow between them one by one. This technique was great and I could feel the energy build up so much so that when it reached what they call the third eye on my forehead it caused a head ache.
    I started a session later on that night whilst using my other tantra technique. I came very close to reaching an orgasm. Who knew that I could have ever achieved the knowledge to orgasm in 3 very diffrent ways through normal ejaculation, prostate play and now tantra. I started my session it felt great simple on insertion and I had pleasure waves running down my body. I made a contraction and wow a very new height of pleasure built this pleasure was so much more intense than what I have witnessed from my contractions in the past. My prostate got so engorged as I felt i made a new step towards climax as at this stage I couldnt contract any further as my prostated was rested right on my helix. I felt my bladder feel full I came close to the I wanna ejaculate sensation however I was so worn out at this stage. I ended the session feeling blissful and exhausted after about 2 hours and a half.

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