• An open insight Into a personal aneros journey part 3

    So it has come to the time where I feel I have enough to add to my growing insight 🙂 I have learnt and experienced much in the relatively short time since I last left a blog. I remain very open to new ideas and have found great help from users. I now feel im becoming more and more empowered as a male.
    14/2: So it valentines day just another day on the calender for us single fellas and everyone around the uni campus walking about doing couple stuff. I had a session this session was so relaxing and blissful. I think this valentines I would make my prostate mine as my valentine just kept on giving nice p-waves and involuntaries. I didn't reach the peak but the ride was well worth it.
    16/2: Whilst sat at my laptop taking my mind away from doing uni work i felt weird sensations on perineum which where nice and pleasant. So I turned on some porn and started to tease myself. I couldnt take it anymore so I got my helix out and started a session. Then wow my body energy was going on overkill as my whole body felt like pure ecstacy where ever I touched. I left myself 15 mintues to relax and made contractions. This felt great as waves and involuntaries started within moments. An hour in I was coming close to orgasm this build up happend 3 times. I didn't manage to connect the dots in the session but the journey was great. I still felt subtle pulses 10 mintues after the session.
    18/2: This session was very simular to the last ones but this time however at the start I felt an odd and not enjoyable sensation of being electocuted around my whole groin area I later found out this was my ying and yang energy mixing together. This subsided after 5 minutes. Highlights of the session include build up of p-waves.
    23/2: Well im back at home for a week off from university. And this time I have brought along my new friend. Started off my session like normal. I started to feel warmth inside my rectum and warm waves of pleasure without contracting. Ths felt nice, when I got round to do a contraction I had sudden pleasure. This contraction was light and the pleasure intensity continued to build to a new personal height.
    25/2: Whilst watching porn in the comfort of my nice double bed at home without my aneros in I explored my nipples and boy spot this felt nice. After a while I t felt like I really needed a pee I knew this was a good sign. I later on felt my dick get wider as the energy drew in this was followed by prickely sensations. I increased my pace as I reached the I want to ejaculate phase, I have never reached this stage before using this method and wow that was weird I reached a wet orgasm. Its nice to explore.
    27/2: Im a regular user of the chat on weekend constantly picking up new gems and ideas I have yet to try. The users where discussing tantra this is a new concept I have heard of for the first time in the comedy classic American Pie this was far from a joke in practice and I will be buying books on the subject was advised to buy urban tantra. So I sat watching some porn using a tantra technique I had picked up. Placing my flat palm 3 inches away from my body and slowly movin it up and down an inch away from my belly botton. This is so new as I felt the energy move with my hand, I would then slowly move it past my belly botton and over my dick and balls and back up. This felt nice and I have never seen my dick get so hard as I came close to ejaculation. I thought lets give it an aneros session. I inserted my helix which felt great simple on the insert. I continued to recieve nice pleasures just whilst relaxing. Later on in the session I came close to orgasm.

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