• An EMail Never Sent

    It has been a while since I have emailed; couple that with the fact that it has also been several days since I have MMOed. My desire is at a fevered pitch. I have been so very busy with work eroticism was forced to the recesses of my mind until there is a lull and then it flares like a blast furnace. When it does erotic thoughts of our anticipated meeting teased my consciousness and tantalized my penis. Guilt has tried to keep my thoughts at bay but moral correctness cannot overpower arousal, desire is a very powerful adversary.
    Then last night we chatted and you admitted to me that you think of us being together as the Aneros is inside you unlocking the doors to excruciating pleasure deep in your anus. It is the same with me; as I envisioned us in a steamy embrace cock to cock swimming in the mutual experience of blissful orgasms, my cock started getting hard.
    We have chatted about the naked pictures we have sent of each other. The act of exposing my naked arousal to you in pictures transforms my penis into a cock; it gets heavy and stiff with lust. Ultimately the thought of me sharing the vulnerable and erotically embarrassing reality of taking that step beyond virtual nudity and being physical intimate with you made me even hotter. The thought of your eyes scanning my naked body as we stand in from of each other turned my cock into a hot heavy stone. That has been the lingering thought in my mind.
    When I got up to go shower last night I thought of myself showering for you, preparing to offer myself to you. My stone hard prong began to drip; long and rigid and throbbing at the prospect of what might happen if we met.
    Sleep took me quickly last night. My cock softened as my thoughts softened and the sweet haze of sleep cloaked my mind. My dreams were a mixture of innocent eroticism and pleasant experiences. I was nude in situations where my cock was admired and men and women expressed their admiration for my aroused masculinity.
    Then at five thirty AM the first hints of light entered our bedroom. My wife was sound asleep next to me. My perineum and anus were twitching and pulsing in aroused need; it had been almost a week since my last session. There was a knot behind my balls that was unmistakably my prostate fully erect and tensed.
    I slid over to my wife’s warm derriere and docked my rigid penis in the sweet embrace between her ass cheeks. I never imagine I am with someone else when I fuck her or when my long cock is in the hot warm suction of her mouth. But with my cock nestled in the heat of her ass cheeks last night my cockhead was savoring the sweet warm kiss of her anus on my swollen cockhead. I imagined it was your ass I was spooning and your opening kissing my cockhead.
    I have come to understand the eroticism of sexual intimacy with a man. It is that when I look at your cock rigid for me I understand exactly how you feel because I feel what you feel exactly the same way. So as I lay there swimming in the sensual heat of her body, I imagined that it was your anus that was sucking on the tip of my cock. In my mind I understood exactly what you would be feeling. You would feel the rigid heat of my cock in your ass as I reached around you with my left hand to fondling your cock and tease your sulcus to coax precum to drool from your slit. I imagined holding your hard cock in the warm tender caress of my hand as I savored the warmth of your anus kissing my own cock.
    The image in my mind as I lay there with my long hard cock nestled in your ass was of a surfer on a surf board waiting for the perfect wave. I lay out there in the warm sea rising and falling on the swells of erotic energy that were welling up in your anus as my anus and prostate swelled in sympathy. Then as the swell of erotic energy welled up deep in my anal canal fostering the sweet ache of prostate orgasm commencing, I felt the perfect wave arrive. It lifted me up in a powerful flow of orgasmic energy and forced me to slowly move forward as it pulsed beneath me and made my anus flex back and forth opening and closing on each orgasmic contraction.
    The wave of pleasure now had me. In metronomic regular pulses in began to fill my anus with the agonizing ecstasy of orgasm. Like a spring winding up I could feel the divine pleasure that only comes with pulsing anal orgasm flowing into my helpless asshole in a torrent. I consciously relaxed to let in as much pleasure as possible. I breathed in time to the regular pulsing of my anus as it struggled to swallow as much of this exquisitely desperate sensation as it could.
    Then when my anal canal could hold no more pleasure the warm hands of pending orgasm reached even deeper into me contracting my prostate and tugging on my cock root. I imagined they were your hands caressing my cock and treasuring it as you milked the precum from me. I felt the warm buzz in the core of my cock that told me I was drooling pre cum for you in a stream. I remembered your comment admiring my dripping precum in the pictures and I imagined that I was straddling your face with my cock inches from your eyes as you watched in aroused fascination as the clear sweet honey dripped from my pink cock slit. The sight of my liquid passion dripping made your cock hard for me.
    But as I lay there with my cock buried in your ass and your soft sweet balls in my palm the really hard pumping started. My anus started first and then my anal canal responded with wave like clenching spasms rhythmically rolling deep into my core to seize my hardened and impatient prostate.
    As the flames of pleasure in my anal tract licked at my prostate it was like a slab of bacon in a fire. It began to sizzle and release the warm wet drippings of its arousal. Falling into cadence with the metronome like spasming of my asshole, my prostate began to pump in counterpoint to my anal opening. So as my anus puckered and release kissing the air in between beats my prostate pumped with the resonance of a great heavy machine under the floor boards of a factory, pounding the floor beneath me with each thud like pulse. But instead of a dull thud the pounding was like a clear ringing bell whose chiming resonance echoed in waves of deliriously divine pleasure throughout my anal tract; over and over again the great bell rang out in the anguished rapture of orgasm.
    Applying all the control I could I stifled my anal spasms and stilled my asshole. As I breathed in time to the pulsing I drove the pleasure deep into my anal canal and forced in on my prostate. The pleasure grabbed my prostate and squeezed it making it squeal like a trapped animal. Its wails however were nor wails of fear or pain but shrieks of extreme pleasure. My heart raced as the steam of excruciating pleasure hissed in my ears.
    Bringing my hand up to my nipples my thoughts returned to you. As I began to tease my erect nipple, I imagined it was you suckling my hardened teat as the MMO drilled harder and harder into my asshole and forced more and more pleasure into me.
    The sweet torment that was engulfing my pelvis was to much to bear now. I feared I would awaken my wife, so I undocked from her anus and moved away from her as she slept in quiet innocence oblivious to the erotic journey that has swept me up.
    I slid back to my side of the bed and lay on my stomach pressing my semi limp cock on the soft mattress. Freed from the distraction of her body as I lay in the embrace of the tempting euphoria of MMO, any feelings of guilt for my thoughts of homoerotic love disappeared. As the MMO wailed in my body, mentally I turned myself fully over to you to be ravished, cherished, fucked, sucked and admired. Shamelessly I imagined the tender embarrassment of being with you and feeling the soft warmth of your cock against mine when we do eventually embrace lying in bed naked the first time. I imagined laying with you naked skin to skin feeling your male erotic warmth soaking into my own skin, making my nipples harden against yours, teasing them to join in the erotic heat of the moment.
    I gave myself over to the reality of making love to you and savoring your male sensuality; of your erect cock in my mouth, my asshole and my hands. The vulgar tenderness of homoerotic sex, cocks entwined and holes penetrated and nipples sucked flooded my mind.
    Again like a swell of a building wave the MMO picked me up and swaddled me is white hot sexual bliss and with the pulsing, pumping throb of agonizing ecstasy hurled me headlong into a yawning abyss of erotic anguish. Precum began to spread on the sheets beneath me as the hands of mistress MMO reached deep into my anus and began to rhythmically milk my prostate, squeezing it and stroking it and forcing it to regurgitate its thick honey in euphoric spasms. You were there in my mind sipping that honey from my cock as I lovingly gave it to you.
    As I was tempest tossed in the throes of orgasmic torment our homoerotic liaison became more and more lurid and intimately vulgar in my mind; the more illicit and vulgar it became the hotter it became. Images elegantly began to appear in my mind’s eye; images of me sucking your cock, massaging your cockhead tenderly with my fingertips and pressing our cocks together so that our cock slits were lined up and forced to kiss making me drool my warm pre cum on your cockhead. Images appeared in my imagination of me straddling your hips holding our erect penises together as I humped you and made the underside of our cocks rub against each other until we both spewed our semen on each other’s pulsing cockheads.
    The tormenting pleasure in my anal canal was in full force again. The chiming echoes of unrelenting pleasure again began to resonantly ring in my pelvis. I imagined lying in bed with you sucking your nipple and massaging your anus with my finger as you sighed in aroused gratitude and cradled the back of my head, holding me to your hardened teat as you feed me the rich warm imaginary milk of your arousal. As your head was filled with the haze of pleasure your cock would be gripped by the desperate torment of unrequited erection. Torn between the sweet haze that was filling your head and the anguish that was pulling on your cock, I would startle you with the distraction of my finger slipping into your anus to search out your swollen gland.
    You opened your thighs to beckon me in my search, praying quietly that I will find your treasure. When I find the desire swollen jewel that is your prostate I stroked it ever so tenderly. Teasing it and massaging it redoubled its hardness as it begins to rigorously pump in the bliss of my touch. Riveting ripples of exquisite white hot ecstasy rush up your spine to invade your brain. As explosive spasms of pounding orgasmic pleasure detonate in your asshole, your anus rhythmically spasms on my finger sucking it like it was a sweet lollipop.
    The kaleidoscope of homoerotic love making turns in my head again to reveal me laying in bed on my back with you holding my ankles apart and up in the air, exposing my asshole to you in all its vulgar glory. It is glistening with lube. I reach around my ass to grasp your hard cock sheathed in a lube drenched condom as you prepare to penetrate me. I guide your cockhead to my opening and you gently push against me. I am nervous but I breathe deeply and relax mentally giving you permission to enter me. My asshole responds and relaxes and slowly you apply more pressure. Eventually my asshole succumbs and opens to accept you, your cockhead is swallowed in the tight grip of my anus. Your push further and the slippery canal is eager to accept you. As I savor the soft hardness of your cock touching the magical spot deep in my anal canal that with deliver me cascading ecstasy you are savoring the tight hot grip that my asshole has on your cock.
    Then with my legs in the air in your hands, and your cock deep in my asshole we begin a dance that men have been doing together for thousands of years. Neither one of us knows the steps to this dance, but as you thrust in and out of my asshole the sweet music that plays inside of me intoxicates me and makes my legs tremble in your hands, you hear the music and you feel it vibrating on your cock in the warm caress of my asshole. We fall under the magic spell of this erotically intoxicating music. The warm surreptitious allure of the mounting pleasure seizes us both. As we dance the vulgar erotic waltz of male lust the desperation of rising passion wraps around us both. Your cock is coaxing my prostate to succumb and release waves of orgasmic delight; inspired by the tender massage of your cockhead my prostate responds and delivers to me the most elegantly intimate waves of anal orgasms I have ever experienced. My spasming anus methodically squeezes your cock. The vision of me laying before you as you hold my legs up and spear my vulnerable asshole and the rhythmic convulsions squeezing your cock is more than you can bear. As you look at my face contorted in the anguish of being impaled by your cock you release and fill the bag on your cock with your hot semen.
    In reality the thoughts of us, two men unashamedly making love and exposing our nude bodies and our vulnerabilities to each other has vaulted the orgasmic convulsions I was having to the highest levels of pleasure I have experienced for a long time. The mattress underneath me is soaked with my precum. I had been floating in the sea of homoerotic pleasure and lust for more than an hour when I decided to roll over and try to get some more sleep.
    So laying on my back I attempted to find that quiet recess in my mind that would welcome me back in and let me relax and succumb to sleep. However, instead what I found was lurid images of your nakedness beckoning me to come to bed with you. Seductively you urged me to join you ad you laid in the crisp white sheets emboldened by the desire that you knew was burning in me
    So I came to the bed and laid on top of you as you caressed me. Our cocks were side by side pressed against each other’s bellies. Slowly I began to hump you rubbing my cock against yours and occasionally against the skin of your belly. Soon you reciprocated with pelvic thrusts that rubbed your cock against me. As we rutted each other we grunted and groaned and cast of any sense of propriety or reservation as animal lust overpowered our rational human brains.
    The thought of embracing you and grinding our cocks together until we both moaned and spewed our cream all over each other pushed my MMO to the abyss of my capacity to cope with pleasure. Then I thought of the image of our two cocks touching at the apex of ecstasy as they both swelled and regurgitated cum, mingling our cum it a hot thick marbled cocktail; with that image my MMO responded like an open fire that had gasoline poured on it.
    Pouring our mingled cum over the fire of my MMO made my anus flex and spasms and my anal canal ripple in anguished waves of pleasure until my prostate shrieked in excruciating rapture. My legs trembled and pre cum oozed from my cock slit with the profusion of cum. I felt your cock spearing my asshole even though you are hundreds of miles away. That feeling of commanding agonizing ecstasy filling my anal canal made me stifle a moan.
    I lay there for a full 10 minutes riding the peaks and troughs’ of this blissful orgasm as my entire pelvis played a symphony of such elegant and eloquent sensation that it literally took my breath away. So when it was done my cock was limp and slimy and my heart was racing.
    This letter flowed from those imaginings. I can only hope to realize this profoundly intense experience soon. I will wait.


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      04/13/2016at1:40 pm

      I really enjoyed reading this.

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      04/15/2016at1:28 am

      Wow! Thanks, ling!

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      08/14/2016at9:04 pm

      Awesome 2 read, so much detail mate ^_^

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