• An Amazing Night

    The calm before the storm is the best expression I can think of for this next ten days before Christmas. Last night conformed eerily to that description. It was deathly quiet in the house, none of my friends were on line, the dog was sound asleep on the futon next to me in my office where I sat cruising on the computer. J was upstairs in her studio working on a project. It has been several years now that all the kids are gone from the house; the current quiet has become the norm. The term “empty nest” has real meaning around here, it is very quiet at night. Add to that, early darkness and no one on line; it is no wonder that evenings have become a time for me to ruminate and write. So at 8 PM I began writing a section of my next erotic book.
    Against this backdrop of the mind numbing calm, my rich inner sex life has become like the lights of Broadway. Last night was no exception; the events of last night were so amazing that I needed to get them written and posted before I forgot them. So instead of doing my work this morning I am taking this diversion to get this written so I can post it.
    In my overt sex life with women I am focused like a laser on her vagina and breasts; I am probably no different than most guys in that respect. With guys I am drawn to penises stretched in rigid pleasure pumping semen, but with my lovely lady it is her tits and cunt that do me in.
    So it was last night at 8 PM with no one on line I resorted to working on my erotic novel. As I was writing a passage on the erotic responsiveness of the love object of my protagonists nipples I found myself ruminating about the beauty and eroticism of the female breast and J’s in particular. The more I thought about it, the more turned on I became. This is not an unusual occurrence; I am always turned on when I write erotica. My cock is always stiff and drooling.
    This time it was a little different thought as I was delving into my psyche to describe a feminine attribute that is at the top of the list for my arousal. At 9:30 PM my cock was stiffly aching in arousal and my sensual mind was steaming. So I did something I haven’t done for quite a while, I did a tmblr search for erotic photos; the search was to find sites under breasts and milfs and combinations of the two. I haven’t done a porn search on line in I don’t know how long. I usually prefer to get turned on by my own thoughts of sexual things I do, as opposed to photos of women. But for some reason I had a craving last night that demanded visual satisfaction, so I searched.
    I found several sites that fed the lust that was gnawing at me, only making it more ferocious than it was. The beauty of the women in the photos and the allure of their vulvas was magnified by the sensual appeal of their tits. Nude images of normal everyday women are the stuff of my arousal. From 9:30 to 11:30 I poured over the images girding my erection with lustful thoughts and sultry imagined trysts with these alluring ladies. By 11:30 PM the pleasant ache of arousal had spread from my cock to my prostate. The hunger for sex was was pulsing deep in my anal canal; in sympathy the core of my cock shaft and my cock root were tingling and throbbing. It was time for a shower and bed.
    When I got in the shower I immediately soaped my penis and balls. The sensation was sensually riveting; the warm slick stimulation of my shaft sent vibrations of desire throughout my body. It was all I could do to keep from stroking my cock to hurl cum into the stream of water that was swirling around the drain. Emerging from the warmth of the shower I grabbed the safety razor and shaved my balls and cock, lifting my sac to carefully remove the hair from underneath it where it joined to my perineum. I love how sensitive my sac and penis are they are shaved; little did I know that later I would be grateful I had rendered my junk extra sensitive. In a matter of minutes I was in bed reading; J came up a few minutes after me and she was soon in bed next to me. We kissed and turned the lights out.
    I am usually a back sleeper to start the night but for some reason last night I slept on my right side spooning J. As we pulled the covers up I slid in behind her and put my arm around her. She was wearing a dorm shirt that came mid way down her thighs. My hot erection was pressed between us against the fabric covered cleft in her derriere. She felt so sensuous and warm against me that I felt my prostate pulse to full hardness in minutes; it gently throbbed lodging its approval of my sleeping position. I might have been tempted to launch into mmo at that moment but sleep claimed me before my sex drive could assert itself.
    Little did I know that as I fell asleep the next 9 hours were to be possibly the most pleasure filled nine hours of my life.
    At 1AM I awoke from a dozing light sleep. My arousal was making it difficult to sleep. I was still up against J’s softness with my erection under her dorm shirt wedged into her warm derriere. My anus was fluttering and my cock was twitching in the early stages of launching; it was earlier than my usual session time. I usually wait for 4 AM or thereabouts; however I was not about to refuse pleasure that was desperately trying to gain a grip on my anal canal.
    I slowly breathed into the spasms that were teasing my anus; as I fed them they rewarded me by sending modest sensation of pre orgasmic pleasure up into my anal tract. Each breath I took emboldened the spasms to create a little more pleasure and make my anus open and close as it gulped at the sensations that it was being fed. In a few minutes the level of that pleasure was sufficient enough to turn the sensations to wave like ripples of sexual delight that made my prostate pump erratically, like an antique car sputtering when it was started cold.
    Once the spasms were firm enough to stand on their own, I backed away from J and lay on my stomach with my cock between my abdomen and the mattress. The soft cotton sheet offered just enough friction to stimulate my sulcus so that the erotic pleasure was now coming to my prostate from two different directions (my anus and penis). The ripples of pleasure rolled into me and converged on my prostate, squeezing it tenderly. The dual impact made my prostate detonate with exquisite orgasms and blissful aftershocks every five to ten seconds. Over the course of an hour I cajoled the orgasms to sustain themselves through breathing, nipple stim, and erotic fantasy.
    The hour flew by. The orgasms came and passed in peaks and valleys. I attempted to keep a clear mind and breathe underneath the orgasms to keep them resonating as they exploded and sent echoes of bliss down to my cock root, cock head and back to my anus. I climbed the hills of the orgasmic roller coaster trying to remain relaxed as I savored the escalating pleasurable tension that was gripping my prostate and tugging on it gently and then relishing the deliriously sweet convulsive it provided ride down the other side of the pleasure wave as the orgasm reached deeply into my anus and sucked ecstasy from my anal canal.
    Somehow at the end of that hour I drifted off to sleep again. When I awoke it was an hour later. I was still face down on the mattress. Again I slid over to J and wedged my throbbing hard cock back into her derriere which was now fully exposed as her dorm shirt had shucked up. The gentle pulsing in my anus whispered that orgasm would soon return; the pulses were gently throbbing but they did not detonate into convulsive ecstasy. As my cockhead sipped the sensuous heat of her anus I felt the orgasm swell in my anal canal. Putting my warm hand on her bare tummy and breathing rapidly in time to the quiet pulsing of my prostate ignited my orgasmic flame. I breathed carefully behind the pulsing to not over power it; it is very much like blowing on embers to start a fire. Then my prostate began convulsing; subtly at first but getting firmer and firmer with each breath until it was pumping in ecstasy.
    After a few minutes the convulsing evened out to a slow rhythmic pulsing. It was like a great heavy machine pumping unimaginable pleasure throughout my body; each pounding thump of my prostate shaking my body with shuddering waves of sensuous rapture. I could feel my pelvis literally shuddering with each pumping spasm as the shock waves of bliss followed the core of my cock down to my cockhead. Carefully and gingerly I gently breathed into the pumping spasms and projected fantasies of fucking a female friend passionately driving my big cock in and out of her pretty cunt.
    After 30 minutes I rolled over and lay on my back away from J with my cock lying on my belly dripping pre cum from the volleys of orgasms that were still echoing inside of me. The waves of orgasms slowed to gentle pulsing as I lay there, and their profoundly pleasurable echoes turned to barely audible erotic murmurs.
    I dipped my fingers in the pool of precum on my belly and brought my fingers up to my nipples and spread my honey on them as I breathed into the spasms again. Like pouring gasoline on a fire the breathing and the slippery stimulation of my erect nubs ignited the prostate pumping again. But this time with no pressure on my cockhead my prostate swelled up to absorb the pleasure that had previous been shared my cock. The desperate sensation of orgasm had not place to go but my prostate, excruciating pleasure was convulsing in my anal canal. I tried to deny it the opportunity to express itself and blew the warm breath of my passion gently on it to extinguish it and attempt to concentrate the pleasure.
    The orgasm shuddered and rattled in its confinement, urgently trying to make its presence known. Finally it broke loose and opened my anus to let a massive wave of orgasmic rapture into me. I was being filled by a torrent of agonizing ecstasy. My body stiffened as one volley after another of ecstatic sensation flowed into me like hot semen, filling my anal canal with thick hot passion from an imagined lover. Chills went up my spine and the inside of my legs tingled as the carillon of rapture rang and rang and rang in my anal tract.
    It was after five AM when fatigue won out and I fell back to sleep. It was almost 7 AM when I woke again with a raging erection and the need to pee. I stumbled out of bed and negotiated my way into the backroom. My cock was so hard I couldn’t sit on the toilet and get it between my legs and I couldn’t stand and bend it down to aim. In desperation I leaned against the sink and peed into the toilet.
    Following my erection I pointed myself back to the bedroom. I wandered back to bed and flopped in with the intent of going back to sleep; but my cock had other ideas. The warm hardness of MMO inspired arousal deep inside my asshole was still taunting me. I covered up and rolled over on my side letting my cock touch the mattress. As soon as my cockhead felt the warm kiss of the sheets it was as if someone turned on a switch. My cockhead, cock root, penile bulb and prostate began to involuntarily pump hard in unison with the cadence of a metronome. The synchronicity of the involuntary pumping created such an intensely pleasurable sensation I had to stifle a gasp in my pillow.
    Recalling a comment some time ago from a friend who challenged me to let my orgasms take me wherever they wanted me to go, and not resist them I decided to cast all control aside. I would feed this heightened arousal that it had taken me all night to build just to see where it would take me. So following the cadence of the pumping spasms with supportive breathing and a hard pinching grasp on my left nipple I imagined the orgasm grabbing me by the cock an pulling me along. I fought to relax my anus so that it would realize the full pleasure of tensing and releasing.
    To my amazement for almost an hour the pumping spasms never stopped. I followed them and fed them lurid thoughts, fantasies and images. Regardless of whether my mind wandered or not they continued with such deep sweet bliss that I felt like a erotic clockworks ticking off time with the most pleasurable ticking orgasmic convulsions imaginable. I was fully wound and my ecstatic clockworks would not stop. As time passed I felt myself losing my will and my bodily control. Orgasmic rapture was filling me displacing all other sensations and thoughts and saturating my body with heavy erotic sensation.
    J stirred next to and returned me to reality for a moment. I recalled the agonizing bliss of her doing oral on me as I MMOed in her mouth weeks earlier. The memory was so erotically intimate and tender the MMO surged like a solar flare.
    I awkwardly rolled over to her and rested my pulsing cock on her thigh and my inner thigh of my left leg on top of her thighs. I then slid my hand under her shirt and caressed her warm breast in my hand. In her sleep her nipple hardened in my palm. I wondered if my touch had inspired a sensual moment in her dreams. The effect on me was instantaneous. The cadence of my anguished pumping prostate speeded up and amplified in intensity. In a matter of minutes the spaces between the pumping waves of ecstasy disappeared and my cock and anus and prostate locked in the grip of the most exquisite sustained spasm of ecstasy I have ever experienced. It was like being electrocuted by orgasm. I trembled as a power much greater than anything I had ever experienced in this MMO journey gripped me ruthlessly and squeezed my sex organs in a contraction that was so intense I almost fainted. The erotic energy made my skin tingle and my prostate, cock and balls sing a sustained crescendo that and propelled me into a state of euphoria that was so eloquently sensuous and spiritual it defies description.
    The intensity of the orgasm was so profound my prostate trembled and quivered as the jackhammer spasms vibrated in it. It was unavoidable that I would wake J up. She asked I was ok; I a moaned that I was, just let me be. She knew in an instant what was happening, she has seen me in deep MMO; so she embraced me as I orgasmed repeatedly on her thigh. I was in held suspended in the tender mercies of anguished rapture gripping her like she was a life buoy and I was going to be drowned in my own pleasure.
    After ten minutes the orgasm released me. I felt like a piece of mashed up fruit pulp; I had leaked a stream of pre cum on J’s thigh. My cock was rock hard and I lay there exhausted from the night’s escapades. She kissed me and rolled over to try to sleep.
    Again I fell asleep, but this time only for a half hour. I woke up to something that I could only dream of years ago when our kids were small and life was hectic; it was J playing with my erect cock. She teased it tickled it and ran her finger up and down the shaft with the delicacy of a butterfly landing on an orchid. She dipped her finger in the stream of precum drooling from my cock slit and painted my sulcus with it. The delicate touch of her finger tip on that cleft under my cockhead, the most sensitive skin on my body made my cock lurch.
    Then reaching over for the bottle of clear liquid in the nightstand next to the bed, she applied a stripe of the slippery lube on my steeled penis. Then getting up and straddling my hips she opened her pussy lips and lowered her body so that her pussy opening kissed the shaft of my cock and her clit was nestled in my frenular cleft. Then laying down on me she proceeded to hump me, rubbing her clit on my cock head and kissing me.
    My prostate went mad shuddering and quivering and my cock was paralyzed at the agonizingly blissful sucking wet heat of her cunt. The more she ground against me pushing my cock deep inside her, the more insane for release I became. I began to parry the humping of her pelvis with the thrusting of my own against her. I slid my cock shaft in and out of her like my cock was a bow playing an exquisite cello. We danced together, pelvis to pelvis cunt to cock humping to the music only we could hear.
    As we danced she oozed the cream of her lust on my cock shaft; the sliding of my cock into her pussy opening was making squishing noises. I hoarsely groaned that I was cumming as I spurted a whole nights collected cum deep into the well of her femininity. The slippery vulgar cream that I had injected in her pussy made my cock sing. So as my cock pumped my passion into her she rubbed her clit hard against it until she stiffened and shuddered and embraced me as orgasm drilled into her sodden pussy. Sleep claimed me again.
    I don’t have the money of Bill Gates or the power and prestige of a millionaire, but I have something that none of them has…experiences like the one I just had. I am so lucky.

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      12/20/2015at8:30 pm

      Excellent! I find that I have had some of the best, most intense MMOs while in a semi-sleeping state the way you described here. Good on you for following what your body wants, leading to more pleasure.

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