• An Amazing Athletic Cup for the Kegel Exercises and Anerosing

    Hi guys,
    This blog entry may be peripheral to the Kegel Exercises and the Aneros and Anerosing. But it is central to my sexual development as a male from my pubescent and adolescent years. In one of my recent blog entries, I had spoken in detail of an important event at age eleven when I discovered my dad's jockstrap. I will say once again although briefly that men and boys wore athletic supporters as a matter of course in the 1950's and 60's for sports and even for leisure wear. A year or so later in September 1963, I had to buy a boy's jockstrap for 7th grade PE. It was a required part of our gym uniform. Slipping on my jockstrap for the very first time was a sexual awakening for me. It led me six months later in April 1964 to my first successful "wet" orgasm which I discovered accidentally through masturbation. During that time, I acquired an intense jock/cup fetish when I masturbated looking at Sears and Montgomery-Ward catalogs selling jockstraps and athletic cups. Men and boys during those years wore jock and cup combos for contact sports. )I got my first two such combos in tenth grade. I felt so male wearing a jock and cup. I still do!(. While many males do not wear athletic supporters much anymore, there is a loyal following of men, such as myself, who derive erotic pleasure from wearing a jockstrap. Jockstraps have developed in style and sophistication in the last couple decades. There are still fathers who introduce their sons to athletic supporters for sports. The jockstrap will not die.
    Likewise athletic cups have developed in sophistication over the years mainly for protection and comfort. Many contact sports such as baseball, hockey, and boxing still require a cup as part of their official rules. Originally athletic cups were the flat, traditional variety. They were very uncomfortable to wear, and athletes ignored wearing them to their physical peril in terms of serious testicle injuries. But since the 1980's, major sporting goods manufacturers, such as the BIKE Athletic Company, developed contoured, "banana" cups which offered greater genital comfort and protection. Finally in 2006, former MLB great, Mark Littell, began marketing his Nutty Buddy Cup. After retiring from Baseball in the early 1980's, he started coaching for various MLB teams and was amazed to see that many of his players were not wearing a cup. So in the early years of this millennium, he developed this amazing athletic cup that offers awesome comfort and protection, and can be worn for hours! It is designed to be worn in a pouch of an ordinary jockstrap over a boxer brief or compression short. Thus this combination is called the Nutty Buddy Cup combo. For this combo, I like to wear a Nutty Buddy "Mongo" XL Cup in the pouch of a men's Duke jockstrap over a pair of a Munsingwear Kangaroo Pouch boxer briefs. I can wear this combo for hours, something which I have done since 5:30 a.m. this morning! The Nutty Buddy "floats" in this combo. It feels so good when I wear the Nutty Buddy and walk about my neighborhood running errands and even when I sleep with it in bed at night which I do rather often!
    Often when I sleep in my Nutty Buddy Cup combo at night in bed and gently Kegel in it, I say to myself there must be guys somewhere in the world who are wearing the Nutty Buddy for contact sports! But I am sure there also is an unnoticed loyal following of Nutty Buddy wearers such as men in law enforcement, EMS, prison guards, and military who may wear this cup. Indeed, the Nutty Buddy web site advertises it for these unsung heroes! But then there also are hidden guys like me who like to wear the Nutty Buddy just because it feels so good as it protects the shrine of our manhood!
    I discovered last summer when I began my Aneros sessions that I can do the Kegel Exercises in my Nutty Buddy Cup combo. So for me, while there is a very close interrelationship with the Kegels and the Aneros, the Nutty Buddy enters mightily into my erotic foreplay which prepares me for my Aneros sessions! I do not do this often enough, but today I have been Kegeling in my Nutty Buddy off and on and reveling in all sorts of delicious sensations very similar to when I Aneros! Damn, I am getting really horny for my good Aneros buddies! Take care!
    P.S. I composed this blog entry early Saturday afternoon January 5. Wearing my Nutty Buddy Cup combo revved me up so erotically in foreplay that I had one of my best Aneros sessions ever later in the afternoon!

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