• An abortive Aneros session, Thursday February 23.

    Hi guys,
    @goldenboy and I had several PM’s on how to deal with Aless intensity late Thursday morning on February 23. I was emerging from a flu-like illness which climaxed in three episodes of intense vomiting last Saturday afternoon. That along with two huge BM’s twelve hours apart that day purged my body of the contagion of the flu. However, I was left with hiccups which lasted five days later till overnight Thursday/Friday when they finally went away.
    However I really wanted a session Thursday afternoon despite my hiccups. They disrupted my session with MGX and Helix Classic, two of my most favorite Aneros models. After trying for nearly an hour, I brought the session to an end. I also had an rather uncomfortable Aless which affected one of my toes in my right foot. It was spasming and downright painful. So this was one of my worst sessions in a very long time! 🙁

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      02/25/2018at4:23 pm

      @BigGlansDC sorry to hear about your illness; I hope you feel better soon and resume your full prostate activities. As far as Aless intensity is concerned, mine are out of this world; it feels like the last one is always better than the one before.
      Take care of yourself.

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