• Amazing things happen with Aneros when you are relaxed : Session for January 20, 2016

    Hi guys,

    This morning Sunday had a rare session because of course, I would be in church. But today I stayed home I had a lingering cold which I didn’t want infect anybody at church and other places. Also shortly before noon today, an front passed through ushering excessively cold air for the next few day.

    Fortunately in the seven or eight o’clock I had enough heat in my apartment to enable me to have a session. For some reason, despite my cold and the wintry weather, I have been horny, randy, and HARD, I guess of some very good exchanges and ideas shared in Aneros Forum and the blog section. Last night, I had an ardently erotic night wearing my BIKE CUP Supporter Unit no. 85 to bed and so I was HORNED for session. I decided to use one of my very favorite models MGX and my rediscovered Progasm Junior.

    Both models performed exquisitely. All I did was the breath rhythmically and calmly as well as to let my anal musculature work calmly together. MGX has its distinctive ribbed stem which massages the anal canal while the head of MGX massages fully my prostate.

    Likewise I let my body do the same thing with Progasm Junior. One beautiful aspect of Progasm Junior are the P and K tabs which “lock” themselves in the area surrounding the anus thus the intensifying the massage action of Progasm Junior. I just relaxed and let both MGX and Progasm Junior their magic on me, each in turn. I have strong yet sweet Aless since then today.

    Also as I ended my session this morning, I went to my bathroom to clean up with my Aneros still inserted in me. Wow, I felt the Progasm Junior massaging away as I stood. Wow! I have fallen in love with my old buddy, Progasm Junior! Take care!

    P.S. I thank @somebody and @tommygunn for piquing anew my interest in Progasm Junior!

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