• Amazing session!!!

    It was a beautiful afternoon, the sun was pouring through the windows onto my bed. It's been bitterly cold outside recently and the sun was a welcome relief.
    I'd just come out of the shower and was relaxing on my bed soaking up the blissful warmth from the sun. I thought that it'd be a great time to have a session, maybe an hour or so to just relax and enjoy.
    I brought out the peridise set and started with the largest of the four. It slid in extremely easily and I contracted until it had been pulled all the way in.
    I just laid there and relaxed myself, focusing on the sensations that were being created by the peridise. The muscles in my anus were already contracting by themselves. In, out, in, out. It was very gentle and it was creating subtle waves of pleasure with each movement.
    My body started to feel very heavy – a feeling I've had before. I'm assuming it's when I'm most relaxed because it feels quite good. Gentle waves if pleasure have previously followed this state of heaviness and this time was no different as I felt a very soft tickling feeling around my groin evolve into pleasure and spread up to my stomach and move out to my arms and legs. Another one followed instantly and was accompanied by three or four other waves.
    I was so relaxed and happy. It'd been a long time since an aneros session had caused this sense of happiness.
    After the pleasurable feelings stopped I could feel some very strange contractions happening in my anus. It felt like the muscles around the head of the peridise were contracting in a clockwise motion. Round and round. It felt amazing.
    Another delicate wave of pleasure swelled up through my torso causing me to moan softly.
    I switched over to the helix to give my prostate more stimulation. I took a few minutes to get used the the new (and very cold. yum) device.
    The waves of pleasure were back but they felt very different. They weren't as strong to begin with, and they seemed to come from deeper within me.
    The heaviness returned. It felt like I was sinking in to my bed going deeper and deeper. This sinking feeling took my attention away from my prostate/aneros for a few minutes and something snapped me out of it. My cock. It was absolutely concrete and I could feel the blood cascading into it.
    I quickly forgot about that as the ticklish feeling began deep in my stomach, it felt tickly for longer than usual before this very distinguishable wave of pleasure rose from my legs and crashed through me. I moaned really loudly – I had no choice! This is probably the most 'orgasmic' feeling I've had from the aneros. Another wave appeared this time but it was half as orgasmic and back to the kind of level I was used to.
    I was recovering from the last wave when I could feel another one building in my groin. Instead of moving to my stomach and upwards like it usually does it went straight to my cock and instantly reminded me of how hard I was. It started in the very very bottom of my penis, deep inside me and slowly – very slowly – worked it's way up my shaft to the tip of my cock. The pleasure was really concentrated. It moved in an area no more than 5mm and I could feel it move all the way up. It was exquisite.
    I opened my eyes to see one of the most arousing sights I have seen. I looked down at myself and saw my veiny, concrete cock bigger and thicker than I have ever seen it. Throbbing and dancing in time with my heart beat
    In all of my aneros sessions I have never really produced much pre-cum. Maybe a drop or two in some sessions… but today I had produced so much that my cock was glistening.
    I had opened my eyes just in time to watch a bead of pre-cum get pushed out of my rigid cock and drool down the side. So hot.
    Everything felt so so good for the first time. My anus, my prostate and my glistening cock were all throbbing with a sweet pleasure.
    I started to rub my stomach and slowly worked my way up towards my nipples. I massaged and caressed my breasts, and then circled around my areolas. This alone ramped up the pleasure I could feel in my prostate.
    I flicked and teased my fingers over my now erect nipples, which sent a massive surge of pleasure to my prostate. I moaned and gasped and my body writhed with the feeling. I had no idea what was going on. My abs started to contract rhythmically and my entire body started to shake.
    The shaking continued for 20 minutes or so and occasionally I felt some subtle pleasure in my anus but sadly that was the end of the session!
    Wow wow wow. I am buzzing right now ha! I hope I can experience something like this again. I'm sure I will at some point.
    This whole aneros thing seems to feel easier every time I have a session

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