• Amazing session with MGX trident

    I had intended to write this after I wake up tomorrow, but I couldn’t wait. Earlier today I started thinking about my MGX trident for no apparent reason. I thought perhaps my body was trying to tell me something. I decided to go to bed early and have a session.
    I didn’t expect much to happen, since I was tired before I started. And the last few sessions I’ve had have been mediocre. I thought I would give it a try. I had this vague feeling that I needed it.
    I inserted it and tried to relax and clear my mind. The “do nothing” method seems to work well for me. I make a conscious effort to give up voluntary control and let my body take over. I played with my nipples as usual. I had some interesting sensations but nothing spectacular.
    I felt especially tuned in to my body. I had these feelings about how I needed to position my body to get the best results, and my intuition seemed to be very accurate. Shifting my body slightly had a huge effect.
    Tonight I experienced so many different orgasms and sensations. As usual, I learned a lot. There were times when it felt like my prostate was being almost punched. I felt my muscles contract in a way that I’ve never felt. They were contracting so fast that I couldn’t feel the individual contractions. It was like a hummingbird beating its wings.
    The orgasms came on so easily, and I rode the waves effortlessly. A few times I felt orgasms encompass my whole body. It was intensely pleasurable but also peaceful at the same time. I could feel my prostate getting warm and swollen. I had this feeling like my body was rising upward. I know it might sound crazy, but there were some moments when I thought I could see a white light. I don’t know where it was coming from.
    I got interesting results by concentrating on the movement of the MGX. I focused on how it was moving and the feeling of it moving. I concentrated on those little ribs stroking my anus. I focused on the perineum tab pressing down. Focusing on different parts of the experience causes different sensations.
    I usually have to wait about a week between sessions, and it’s only been about two days since my last one. That’s one reason I was so surprised that I got such good results. However I followed my intuition, and it didn’t fail me.

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