• Amazing Helix Classic ride this morning!

    Hi guys,

    I had an amazing Helix Classic ride this morning just before sunrise, my Aneros session since last July 3, just before our July 4 national holiday

    I had forgotten how much I had missed an Aneros session for so long. It seemed that my body felt that way in how it interacted with Helix Classic, one of the original Aneros models that launched the self-administered prostate movement here in the USA and then worldwide.

    Right now I am enjoying Aless which is so sweet and powerful. I thank novice60 (Mark) for his questions on the glans penis and the excised frenulum which is practiced so often during male circumcision here in the USA.

    This is a developing post. Take care!

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    • Novice60

      11/28/2020at9:26 pm

      Glad to have helped, and thanks for the tips

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