• Amazed, and disappointed

    Last night I had an hour and a half of mind blowing orgasms. I'm feeling totally energised, turned on and ready for more. My wife is going out all day, my children should be at school and I was looking forward to spending a day on my own for the first time in months.
    My eldest daughter has a fever so she's staying off school and I have to look after her all day. So much for a day of orgasmic bliss, and I could actually have been naked for the first time I usually have to be fully clothed; I have never been so disappointed. Oh well, that's life I suppose and maybe I'm just being a bit selfish. I should be happy with what I am getting.
    Last night I had a 30 minute orgasm before going to sleep. It was mostly a hard thrusting sort of orgasm going on and on like a normal orgasm but more intense and never ending. I love to imagine myself having sex and cumming and cumming inside someone my sperm dripping out and down my legs soaking me and the sheets and I just keep going and going and ejaculating non stop, and it just gets better and better, I almost feel like an animal. It's a powerful fantasy for me at the moment.
    I woke at 4am feeling very turned on and had a full hour of orgasms ranging from hard pumping ones to times of just peaceful continuous orgasm, followed by an orgasm starting in my sacrum spreading up to my lower spine then around into my abdomen. I though it might be a Full Kundalini rising but it felt so good I couldn't stop it. I sort of knew it wasn't so just enjoyed it.
    I produced so much precum during both these sessions it was like a full ejaculation and I actually had to clean up after.
    I can't believe how much pleasure this is giving me.
    My wife is having her period. She has spent the whole evening critising everything I say or do. Apparently I kept her awake last night. I need to think seriously about our relationship and how my changes are affecting it, and I'm not allowed to have any more orgasms. I refused to argue and walked away. I suggested I slept in the side room so she could get some sleep tonight, wrong thing to say. Doors slamming and it's divorce.
    Been here before. I can't really concentrate to meditate and certainly don't feel like orgasming tonight. It's rubbish. I wish she wouldn't take her stress out on me. I have tried to include her in my discoveries and told her everything I don't know what else I can do. It's the first time I have felt truly happy ever, and the first time I have felt in love with her for years, I really hope she doesn't feel left out that's not what I wanted to happen.
    If it comes to choosing between this and my family I suppose family will have to come first, and it's back to being unhappy, and that's a very sad thought. Maybe I'm just being a bit negative. I hope we can work it out.

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