• Am I two timing my Aneros devices?

    Well I couldn’t resist another “flirtation” as per my previous blog. Almost identical results, although not quite as much fluid produced. What I began to think about and what prompted this follow up is that an Aneros session for me tends to follow the same ritual. It will take place at the end of the day as I settle down for the night when the house is quiet. Once settled down with my chosen device I lie and relax and concentrate on the sensations as they come and go. But with these last two experiences I have been distracted whilst busy showering etc, but still the stimulation was building without the need to focus, concentrate or relax. Although the results were not as strong as with my Progasm Jr or Eupho Trident it was still enough to leave me buzzing for hours afterwards. I came out of the shower feeling totally energised and ready for the day, a nice hot shower alone is invigorating in itself as I am sure you will agree, but the added buzz that followed that short time of pleasure was fabulous. Makes me think my prostate is a bit of a slut and doesn’t care who he sleeps with or when.

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