• Alone time with my 1st Aneros

    I woke up yesterday morning with that full feeling in my pubic area, my prostate feeling full and ready for some attention. I drank my coffee, worked out and showered and still the feeling was there. I had a few items to take care of around the house, but my state of arousal was making it difficult. I decided I wanted to build up even more arousal before starting a session. I have a small butt plug, that has some sort of bead in it that rolls around with movement. It works wonders for loosening my hole up and getting me super relaxed and ready. After working It in I threw on t shirt, and my jock strap I occasionally use for sessions. I did my business around the house, I could feel the arousal building. I grabbed my vice 2, powered it up and put it to work. Unfortunately, I forgot to charge it after last use. It made about 10 minutes and died. Great. I grabbed my lelo Loki and well it was dead as well. At this point im well aroused, and honestly just want something up my ass and touching my prostate. Wanting something larger I picked up my Progasm. Oddly enough this was my 1st aneros toy. I knew little in the day, bigger was better or so I thought. I just didn’t know how to properly stimulate myself.
    It had been awhile, and it felt very nostalgic. I forgot how aggressively the toy touches my prostate. I began some kegals, and it took about 5 minutes for the involunatarys to start. Loving the ride I rolled over onto my stomach. Let it keep going. after about 45 minutes I had a couple small prostate orgasms, but was still crazy horny and ready to ejaculate. I relubed the progasm, and began touching my nipples, inner thighs and balls. I layed my hand against my sack letting my fingers touch all the way to the back, where it connects to my perineum. I gripped my self and slowly worked my hand upwards my tip. and then headed back down. It didn’t take long and I exploded. And when I say exploded, I managed to ejaculate a very large load all the way to my face. Thats rare for me.

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    • Ggringo

      01/21/2022at8:45 am

      Great entry! Thanks for sharing and please continue to write about your progress.

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