• Alone In a Hotel Room

    As I sit here in a hotel room 275 miles from her there is a fire roaring in my cock that is making the cream of my passion boil and churn in my balls; they are heavy, aching to release the erotic burden that fills them. I am overwhelmed with a fire to feel my cock in the warm tight caress of a wanton vagina. Three times since last Tuesday in the half light of morning I woke with my cock throbbing and wetting my sheets, teasing at me begging me to succumb to hours of pulsing and shuddering mmo pleasure. Ultimately, three times I rejected it.
    But now as I lay here nude in this hotel bed I feel that same gnawing desperation to enshroud my mind in erotic thoughts and engage in a elegantly vulgar tryst with a lady. Fantasies run rampant in my mind and amplify my desire to MMO. Now there is no restriction holding me back. So I succumbed to the unceasing demand and gave myself over to the warm seduction of cascading orgasmic pleasure. As I lay here now the tantalizing warm tongue of rapture is lapping my cockhead as her hands tug at my balls; the warm erotic flames are igniting the sweet sensual anguish of my arousal.
    My entire body is filled with thick wet orgasmic bliss it leaks from my cock slit as I cannot contain it. The flames of desire are tickling and teasing my turgid cock, heating it to the cherry red tempered hardness of a steel rod. As this relentless orgasmic anguish is making my cock hard as a steel rod; it is also weighing down and slowing my thoughts. I am struggling to perceive anything. All I can sense is the agonizing erotic rapture that is flooding into me. My brain is hazy from the erotic sensations that have taken control of my mind and body. I am in a sweetly delirious place where the white hot lust of building orgasm makes my cock swell and throb as it robs me of my ability to stand. Sizzling passion is dizzying me and immobilizing me as I lay here naked and compliant in this dimly quiet room. It is my destiny to lay passively and let orgasmic pleasure have its way with me.
    With my surrender I am overcome by my own arousal. Unfettered by my resevations or the world outside this hotel window, the waves of orgasm begin to wash over me. They are gleefully sucking at my turgid penis, coaxing it into submission. It was not a submission resulting from pain or fear but rather, a submission resulting from the resonant pleasure that was echoing in my pelvis.
    At sunrise in an hour or two I will be lying naked in this bed distant from home, my tempered prong will be aching for feminine touch; it will be honed to an edge by the relentless pounding of orgasms that do not spend my cum, instead they mercilessly make my prostate pump in anguished ecstasy and yield nothing but clear sweet precum from my cock slit . When the light of morning permeates this room my cock will probably not be aching for the sweet touch of feminine fingers, but rather I will long to part the dewy pink pussy lips of my fantasy lady with my engorged – swollen cockhead and sink it deep into the heat of her sodden femininity.
    My bed will be cold when light fills this borrowed room, she will not be there to suckle and warm my cock in the sweet caress of her tender pussy. But now as the orgasms are thundering into my anus and tugging at my cock root I am fantasizing about her sweet silken lips framed by her downy pubic hair. The tender thoughts of her sweet cleft are pushing me further into the unrelenting grip of the tortuous orgasms in this strange bed. I am being tormented and coaxed to slide into an abyss of excruciating pleasure by the warm breath of unfulfilled desire. And still the orgasms buffet me squeezing the warm swollen gland deep in my anal tract, milking my balls and drawing exqusite sensation from my lurching cock.
    I am thinking of her as I am being pushed by the building arousal. It is pushing me towards orgasmic delirium; I am approaching the point where I lose track of time, place or any sense of reality. As I long to feel the reality of feminine intimacy on my naked body, reality is being pushed into the dark recesses of my brain. The white hot pleasure inside of me has no patience for affection, or the touch of other it is demanding my attention and it cravenly wills me to feel or think of nothing else but its incendiary eroticism. The tender thoughts of intimacy are being replaced with lurid visions of my own body twisting in the agony of relentless orgasm. I have no control over these thoughts. I can feel the exquisite anguish of orgasm crawling into my asshole and feeling for my prostate and grasping it, forcing it to convulse in orgasmic spasms. The firm grip of arousal is mercilessly pumping the clear liquid of my desire from my cock; big fat hot drops of my nectar are wetting the bed. I cannot think, all I can do is feel, and surrender to the rapturous pleasure inside me.
    Then with the force of flood gates opened in a deluge the crescendo of the orgasm shrieks in my ear; I shdder and quake as reason leaves my body and I whine in harmony with the ecstacy that threatens to make me lose my mind.
    The thick warm wet pool of blissful erotic sensation is filling my body; my body responds by oozing a warm stream of precum that drools from me in a mission to wet a pussy that is not there. I am spilling my crystal clear nectar onto the sheets as my pelvis pulses in relentless orgasm. I am confused as the sensations that I am feeling are soothing me and arousing me at the same time. I feel the warmth of orgasmic rapture rhythmically tugging an my anal canal The erotic pleasure warms my channel as it pulses in delight and then it grips my cock root and flails my cock with abandon. I am laying here being tortured by sweet agony. It is holding me still and quiet as it invades me and forces my body to experience the most vulgar and divine pleasure I have ever felt.
    I struggle to reach the surface of the sea of rapture that I am sinking in as the MMO is piling up inside me. The bliss that saturates me is making me heavy, I am clinging to reality by my fingertips. At the same time the rough raw grasp of these pulsing orgasms is holding me by my cock and pulling me down, down, down. The merciless hand is also deep up inside my anus stroking the tender quivering wetness where my orgasms are born. It pulls on me gently there, eliciting a cry of delight from me each time it tugs me below the surface of reality.
    I am lying face down on a top sheet that I have brought to protect the hotel’s sheets from the stream of precum that is running from my swollen cock head. The pressure of the mattress against the cleft under my cock head offers welcome resistance to the fiercely blissful tugging that is pulling at my cock root. In appreciation for the pleasurable tug of war, my aching member weeps my clear lust onto the bed. The sheet soaks up the passion that leaks from me; I can feel its wet heat on my belly. My passion has heated to boiling from the lusty fire inside of me.
    The bed soaks up my lusty offering just as a crowd of cheering fans drinks in the words of an adored singer at a concert. I drift off to sleep as the sweet waves of bliss retreat into the ocean, leaving me marooned with my reality on the barren shore. I fall asleep.
    When I surfaced from sleep I was fighting its hypnotic pull; it desperately tried to keep me in its grip. I escaped to the half light of dawn seeping in the window. But before I could assert a hold on my own consciousness the heat of orgasmic desire realized I was awake. In its willful greed it climbed back into the bed with me again and sought my cock. Once it found it’s prize it took hold of it and hardened it once more. Despite my attempts to exert my will and get on with my day, by my hardened penis was already under the spell of erotic need. .
    The sensually erotic feminine fingers of desire surrounded my anguished cock. As she held me with one hand the fingers of the other hand sought out the slit in the crown of my manhood. Having arrived at that threshold to my sex, her warm fingers entered the pick slit in my crown trying to seek purchase in the wetted depth of me. Her goal is to affix her maddening desire inside me once more; a desire to seek the haze of seemingly endless orgasm again. Selfishly she wants me to remain in bed with her and succumb to hours of flesh wringing orgasmic pleasure in her hands. My heart races as it remembered the divine sweetness of hours of pulsing pleasure earlier. But as much as my cock longs for pleasure my heart is enraged that there is no real feminine precense in bed with me.
    In he dim light of morning the cool emptiness in the bed makes my cock ache. The enticement of exquisitely hazy rapture baits me for another day of arousal. So I endure the day in meetings ending with me arriving at my last stop before I head home tomorrow. I will surrender in my naked state to the relieving embrace of my fantasy lover. I will get in bed with her, this familiar magical stranger who I welcome into me and let her hold me as I writhe in the quiet anguish of her pleasure. I will trust her not to toy with my passion, but I cannot be sure. Sometimes when she holds me as I orgasm, she fills my head with lurid thoughts and kisses my penis inspiring me to passionate hardness while I shudder and quake; I am helpless in her clutches. She makes me think of vulgar and elegant scenes as her hand giddily coaxes the precum from me as I tremble and whine in paroxyms of orgasm. Despite the sweet torture that MMO offers I long fo the relief of orgasm in a real pussy; but fickle MMO doesn’t care as she toys with my desire and blows the warm breath of passion on my prostate making it swell and pulse.
    So I fight my own desires and I sit here alone, fearing getting into the bed. The darkness that is outside the window next to me is the same light deadening cloak that surrounds my lover …miles away from here. As I think of the darkness I think of stealing away in it and having it magically carry me to her window. If I was there I would see her readying for bed by shedding her clothes until she stood there in her panties and nothing else. Soon they too would fall to the floor, laying there, cast off and abandoned as they lost the warmth that they drew from the mouth of her pussy moments earlier. I longed to be those panties on her caressing and kissing her warm wet lips lovingly; I felt their abandonment as they lay discarded on the floor.
    My furtive eyes would have their way with her. They would tease her nipples to ache in sensual hardness, and then trace a teasing line tenderly to her cleft, throbbing, wetted and heavy in its longing for me. Her pussy lips are agape and drooling in a silent wail of passionate need for me. The heat of her need has made your sweet feminine lips red with desire. I would slide past her lips into the slickened opening; teasing her as I descended deeper into her yawning cunt. I would tease and flick the tender quaking flesh inside her most secret place until I arrived at the bubbling pool of her own lust. There I would blow carefully on her fire until the pool of hot honey inside of her gushed from her opening as she writhed in anguished bliss.
    The image of her standing there naked getting ready to enter bed fills me with frustration. Then as a cruel tease in this anguished state I am in, sleep made me woozy and snuck an image into my temporarily vulnerable consciousness. It is an image of a well endowed stranger sliding effortlessly next to her in my bed, his hard dick at the ready to take her. He embraces her and kisses her as he draws himself to the warmth of her body. In my mind I feel the warmth of her that his body feels. I gasp helplessly as his naked cockhead lodges in the opening of her pussy mouth, she protests but cannot fight because she longs for the sensual peace of a man. Then he presses his pelvis against her and his cockhead dissapears into her. She gasps as her cunt swallows him whole.
    Then he is gone from sight, he dissappears in my fantasy. Next thing I know he takes form rustling around under the covers between her parted legs preparing to make love to her with his mouth. She opens her legs to welcome him to her secret grotto, guiding his mouth to the font of her desire with her hands. She wants him, or any man; a man to bring her to that divine place that is sensually suspended between anguish and rapture; a place that only she and I have been until now. Now she will share the sacred experience with him. Why is fantasy taunting me like this? My rational brain realizes the assault and screams NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Why am I teasing myself over something that I cannot have at this moment? Why am I torturing myself? I snap awake from the fear of half sleep. I am sweating in fear and jealousy.
    I lay there in the darkness wide awake imagining tomorrow night being home in bed with her, my warm hands wandering over her body seeking out the special places that only I know. Laying there in the dark quiet blue haze of our room, my hands will feel for the places on her body where tender soft skin parts and turns warm and moist, diverting inward to the wet heat of passion that is deep inside of her.
    I seek that heat because my soul, my brain and my cock crave it. I need to bathe in it, to drink it and make it mine. When I consume her wet desire, it inflames my own desire yet it calms me at the same time. It inspires me to adore and cherish her but it also makes me want to impale her on the spike of my lust and take ownership of her sexual soul. This passion I have for her is complex and confusing; it teases me and inspires me, it makes want to nurture and protect her. Yet at the same time it makes me want to drive her to the brink of reason in the twisting agony of orgasmic rapture. It consumes me and controls my thoughts in strange ways.
    My flesh spike is hot and sharpened to pierce her desire and elicit screams of joyous agony from her. But I must be patient, for tonight I must endure the temptation of my MMO mistress. She is coyly waiting for me in this darkened cold bed, I can see her trying to tantalize me again. Her siren song of pulsing pleasure will be hard to resist tonight in the long cold lonely night that lays between this moment and being together with my love tomorrow.
    I know I will succumb to MMO again tonight. It will not be because I don’t adore my love and need her but rather it will be for the promise of hours of sensual diversion that will tease me to insane desire. She will prepare me for my loves hungry cunt tomorrow. Tomorrow night I will forsake lurid temptation of MMO and instead lay my sex at my loves lusty nether lips so that she can suck me into her feminine well and drink my warm liquid.
    So take me tonight passionate mistress. Have your way with me again. With yet one more night of your fiery orgasms keening my penis to hardened readiness, tomorrow night my desperate cock will abandon you and ply her hungry pussy to coax the sweet song of rapture from her.

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