• All by myself! What A Wonderful World! An Aless Saturday Morning Of Bliss

    (The title refers to the absence of erotic hypnosis and tools “dominating” my last experiences.)
    Hello guys, here is my exquisite Saturday morning report. A book tip taken from @GGringo, to whom I am deeply thankful for this big gift, kept me awake deep into the last night. Dozing lazily in my bed at daybreak the book’s content was as present as my morning wood. Ignoring the clock after my short visit to the bathroom I went straight back to bed.
    Instead of falling asleep again my brain wanted to focus on “The Multi-Orgasmic Man”’s second chapter about “Know Thyself”, especially “Your Energy” and “Your Microcosmic Orbit”, a circuit of bioelectric energy from the gland backwards up the spine and through the brain down again to the palate. Here the back channel ends. The tongue starts the front channel going down the throat passing the heart and leading through the abdomen back to the prostate. Touching the palate with your tongue shuts the circuit.
    While I remembered the drawing of a male body with anatomical terms some nice well known feelings of arousal warmed my lower body. The sensation intensified and I visualized a growing and spinning spherical energy field coming from my prostate and wandering up my spine. My mental cinema mingled my visions with the memories of the book’s drawing. As if my thoughts could lead the energy field it took my back channel up to my brain. I licked my gums to close the circuit and to lead the energy back down along my front channel. (Sitting on my chair typing this I just tried it again. I can evoke this feeling within a few seconds by now, it’s amazing.) It was more a run than a journey. And the more intense sensations subsided even fast.
    Not able to say whether dreaming or not I felt down to my prostate and focused on the tingling again. This time I wanted to slow down the action. I tried to hold the energy ball in place only focusing on its growth. (I couldn’t end the last sentence without a wonderful chairgasm [CG].) The energy field became bigger (2nd CG) than last time and finally I let it flow into the direction of my spine, but I caught it back to rest at the sacrum (3rd CG coming up when searching for the correct anatomic term). The next “bus stops” I constrained around the middle of spine, the base of neck, the base of skull and finally the brain, nearly as shown in the drawing (page 13).
    Overwhelmed by the feelings and a bit anxious about my brain’s health I let my tongue shut the circuit even fast to lead the energy down my front channel. In spite of trying to slow down I couldn’t hinder the energy going the way back to my prostate faster than the way up my spine.
    Now that I had tasted blood, I couldn’t resist to come back for more. It was exhausting. Every time the feelings got stronger and stronger, meanwhile I was clenching, squirming and writhing, twisting and turning in lust and some lustful pain, now and then panting very fast, then again drawing a deep breath. Knowing my significant other staying downstairs I tried to suppress every moaning and groaning, what sometimes surprisingly seemed to intensify the focus and the sensations.
    First I did it sitting in bed, a cushion in my back, then I lay down on my back, I turned to my right side, lay on my stomach, later spreading the legs, turned on my back again. Crazy visions of being raped, pictures of my hypnosis sessions, of my sexual experiences with partners mingled totally. Though all sweaty and quite drained I didn’t want to leave this autonomous state of bliss. But when my mind took over command during a short breather I decided to make an end to this session. There was no chance to count anything, but in summary I guess there were between five to fifteen discrete or continuous orgasms every round and about one to three Super-Os every second or third round.
    Isn’t that a way to start a weekend?


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      12/03/2016at6:09 pm

      Having typed some comments to some posts I did some of those described exercises. But, perhaps because of my seat having an arched form pressing against my perineum somehow it couldn’t get started. Having helped one little energy ball up the spine I suddenly recognized a second energy field at the gland. WTF? If not only one, why not even …
      Indeed I did fire a whole burst of energy balls like of an automatic gunfire up the spine. The sensations came crushing over me. My brain can’t follow, it’s too overwhelming.

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      12/04/2016at1:17 am

      @SOwithoutAneros, I’m happy you are enjoying the book. It puts a different spinon your journey. All this was new to me also.

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