• All good intentions now relised

    Well I had all good intentions of backdating and a filling in the missing parts of my journey but I can now see it is never going to happen :)
    So I will just have to start from where I am now.
    So far I have a Helix which I have modified to have no tail & a eupho which I have modified to have 75% of its tail.
    The eupho is definatly my favorite at the moment but still crave the helix as well.
    I love to sleep with the eupho especially because it just keeps moving all night long and I more often than not have dreams where the aneros is in me while I am naked in public in my dreams.
    I have experienced a Aneros orgie as I call it where my body just craved it so much I could not be without it inserted for more than roughly 5 hours. This lasted for about one and a half weeks from memory. )just type in orgie in the search on the forum to read about it(.
    I had to stop it in the end because of soreness and sleep deprivation.
    Often you just dont get good sleep. But as time goes on I am getting better sleep while packing it.
    Now I am toying with the idea of getting a progasm and or perdise set.

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