• All Cried Out – Aless Session Going Frenzy – Super-Os On A New Level, WTF!

    WAS THAT ME? I’m still struck by the noises right out of my mouth. Never listened to such ecstatic cries mixed with laughter, moaning and sobbing, especially not from me. This afternoon was a great step forward on my journey. I learned a lot about my nipples and how to trigger them. Re-wiring has installed solid connections between them and my prostate. It’s awesome how little a touch [Uh, chairgasm coming up, yessss! It seems to become usual that writing about my experiences no longer is possible without chairgasms during typing, perhaps reinforced by some bulges on the seat? No matter, it feels great!] It’s awesome how little a touch causes tremendous reactions in my lower body.
    But one after the other: Thank God, it’s friday, coming home having some time for myself led to the question whether I should try another Aneros session like yesterday or change to Aless action. As my rosebud felt a little sore I gave in to have some fun without tools. The last session had been nice, but neither did I have enough time nor could I really concentrate why at least I had not been fully satisfied. The winner was: Aless!
    As a bonus this decision gave myself some time to rest, have a coffee and calm down. Sitting on the couch after finishing the coffee I only lifted my legs on the seat, stretched out and decided to try do-nothing. After some time there were some little vibes but nothing more, when my evermore frequent occurring inner voice whispered: Nipples, try your nipples! I grinned with anticipation.
    My right hand fumbled its way to my right nipple, but the fabric of my shirt was too thick. I unbottened the shirt on the height of my chest and my hand slid under the outer cloth and glided over the cotton undershirt to meet my nipple. Like operating a switch a sudden short unvoluntary followed. Touching the button a second time caused a second quite a bit longer unvoluntary. This time I waited even a bit longer before [second chairgasm] I ringed the bell the third time and got a few consecutive unvoluntaries. I grinned in horny expectation what this routine would lead to. How the insiders will have concluded I was climbing the ladder to ecstasy. Every touch gave me some more intense and longer lasting unvoluntaries. [Wow, a long chairgasm transcending to nearly a Super-O!] My gland now was fully activated and sending out warm waves throughout my body. I liked it in a mean way, this teasing out of nuances and playing with tension. I was eager to get as much I could tease out. I still had no clue, where this would lead me. In a while I found myself twisting and turning and jittering wildly. My moaning grew louder and mixed with some screams. [Chairgasm No. 4] Never before I did hear me crying that way. Finally three mighty Super-Os came over me and fortunately all doors and windows and even the shutters were closed. Otherwise neighbours might have rushed in to administer first aid. When the last Super-O faded out I found myself fully awake and loaded up with energy and heard myself laughing in pure bliss. Wondering about the difference between cuming and Super-Os I was disturbed by a phone call. Ten minutes later I went upstairs to the bedroom. I wanted to get out of my tight jeans and continue that session in bed. I had some more time and couldn’t get enough.
    I grabbed my pillow to put it under my stomach and got into my favourite position with my right leg stretched out and my left one put a little aside. [What an exhausting chairgasm! No. 5] Soon there were some unvoluntaries, p-waves and dry orgasms, bumping in the matress, leaking precum but not more. I meanly grinned to myself lifting my right eyebrow: “Another nipple action?” I asked myself. As an answer I rotated on my back. This time my right hand went to my left nipple and with the first tapping the wires to the gland were fully present.
    My nipple play went on nearly like before, but my screaming become even louder. Tapping with all fingers only on the chest around my nipple drove me crazy. I cried as loud as I could and found myself in uncontrollable tortuous and tortured motions. With groaning and writhing three to four smashing Super-Os came over me to overtop everything so far. With eyes wide open I almost passed out. The elemental force of these Super-Os absolutely blew me away. Nevertheless I was laughing with delight, as happy as a sandboy I talked to myself: “That is completely crazy.” [These chairgasm are quite exhausting, too. No. 6!] I’m all run down, good night!


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      11/12/2016at11:17 am

      Hey @SOwithoutAneros! Your are incredible storyteller! Your detailed blog is the reason we guys remain within the Aneros community. Your erotic storytelling technique is developing to the point where I can feel your intense pleasure! One thing I try to do too is find the right words to relay as best I can what I was feeling at the moment. You seem to have developed that gift. Excellent blog!

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      11/12/2016at6:04 pm

      Hey @goldenboy, overpraise, I’m afraid. Your comment nevertheless made me flush with pleasure and gave me some p-waves, too. Thank you!

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      11/12/2016at6:19 pm

      Oh @goldenboy, just having written about my inner dialogues with my gland in a post in the forum, there were some other p-waves coming up. I wanted to come to an end and declined but heard my gland say: “Oh no, let’s ride this out against each other.” And the chairgasm raised to an Super-Chair-O! WOW! I think I must admit, my gland again has won the race, but I surely love it this way.

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