• Aless while wearing the Nutty Buddy Athletic cup

    Hi guys,
    When you have retired from the workforce, you have certainly lots of leisure, but also the responsibility of having to live within your means and doing with less. For me, living austerely at times as a retired man has given me the protection of leaning on God for my needs and also the opportunity to enjoy free, simple pleasures.
    Perhaps one of my most enjoyable free, enjoyable pleasures are my Aneros sessions and Aless. You can have Aless at any time if you pleasure. For me, just thinking about my sessions and the sexual energy invested in each of my Aneros models are enough to through me into Aless.
    Perhaps I am developing an Aneros fetish. But my Aneros sessions and Aless have their proper place in my life. At times, I must not allow my Aneros fetish to get the better of me.
    Wearing a jock and athletic cup while engaged in Aless for ms is a most potent combination which serves as Aneros foreplay and postplay for me.
    I have spoken at length in my blog here about MLB great, Mark Littell, inventing perhaps the most comfortable athletic cup on the market. He suggests that you first put on a pair of compression shorts or boxer brief. Then slip on a regular jockstrap and then insert the Nutty Buddy Cup in the jock pouch. The Nutty Buddy actually floats as you walk or engage in athletic activity. The comfort is sublime.
    The Nutty Buddy has dual chambers for the testicles, an elongated one for the penis, and an extended bottom for the cup to fit underneath the scrotum and touching the perineum. I just love to do gentle Kegels in these jock-cup-boxer brief combo which ramps up for me the pleasure of Aless!
    Check out: http://www.nuttybuddy.com/info.html and get yourself a Nutty Buddy Cup today!
    Composed while deep in Aless! :-]

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