• Aless while wearing a Nutty Buddy Athletic Cup

    Hi guys,
    While I was never into anal play until early June 2013 when I began my Aneros journey with Helix Syn at age 63, I have had an intense jockstrap and athletic cup fetish since 7th grade when I had wear such items for sports.
    Athletic cups have come a long way since the 1960's when I first encountered. They were the old-fashioned triangular, flat top that barely fit a guy's genital anatomy and contained his "junk". Hence they were uncomfortable to wear and many guys didn't wear them putting themselves at risk to serious injury to their gonads.
    But since then, there have been contoured cups, called banana cups which were much more comfortable to wear.
    Mark Littell, when he retired from playing Major League Baseball in 1982, he turned to coaching MLB teams and was astounded that his players didn't wear a cup, so in 1999 he set about designing an innovative athletic cup. This cup has essentially three chambers. The largest chamber travels from underneath a guy's scrotum to the top about seven inches. This chamber contains his penis. There are dual chambers on either side of the central chamber. The dual chambers contain or cover his two testicles. Also the base of the central chamber reaches underneath his scrotum to his perineum.
    Hence the Nutty Buddy Cup offers both protection to a guy's genitalia, his "junk" and comfort, so much so you can wear it for hours and forget you even have it on. Also it "floats" with your every move.
    Today, it being a holiday, I have been wearing my Nutty Buddy continuously since 8 a.m. till now and may wear it to bed tonight.
    It is amazing how Aless interacts with a protective cup that floats which each movement. Aless in its various manifestations interacts with the cup which magnifies the sensations of Aless. What is produced is at times sheer pleasure. Early this morning I wore this cup in bed as foreplay before my session. What I experienced was a Super-O or a series of subtle MMO's. It was heavenly. All this and much more I hope to experience when I wear this cup and jock to bed under my sweats.
    Take care!

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