• Aless while wearing a jock and cup

    Hi guys,
    While in today's volatile and uncertain economy here in the USA, retirement may be precarious. If you learn to live simply, even austerely, pinching every penny, you can focus on simple things in life, such as one's health and enjoying every minute. One major benefit that the Aneros has brought into my life is vibrant health. This vibrant health is encapsulated in long periods of Aless, outside of my Aneros sessions. Aless flows to my Aneros sessions which leads me to more Aless. Aless and Aneros go hand-in-hand. They exist for each other. It is so sweet! Aneros and Aless makes me glad that I am a man, albeit an aging one.
    Today I have decided to spend quality time with Aless as foreplay before I get down to a shortened Aneros tools. I am using only Helix Classic, Maximus, Tempo, and Progasm Classic this morning. I have already cleansed them and laid out perhaps an hour ago. They are ready nonetheless for action!
    But getting back to my foreplay this morning. I am wearing my favorite jock and cup while engaging in sweet Aless. As a baby boomer entering adolescence in the early 1960's, wearing an athletic supporter for athletics even every day wear was de rigeur among men and boys. Both men's clothing stores and sporting goods stores had huge racks of jocks and cups for sale then. My dad used to ear a jock underneath his Little League umpire uniform. He should have worn a cup as well. I wanted to follow dad's example in wearing a jock for sports. An athletic supporter was a vital part of our gym uniform in 7th grade uniform. Our coach told us we had to purchase one.
    The archetypal jockstrap was BIKE. Flarico and Johnson & Johnson made good jocks too. However, athletic cups in the 1960's were so uncomfortable to wear. It took guys like Mark Little] with his Nutty Buddy cup [and other inventors to make cups that are comfortable and fun to wear. This morning I am wearing an All-Star Shock Jock and a Shock Doctor Bioflex Cup. I love how this combo moves so naturally supporting my junk as I Aless. Kegeling subtly in this combo feels so good! In a few minutes, I am ready for my Aneros session. Take care!

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