• Aless during Election Day and the day following

    Hi guys,
    After I had two marvelous sessions that were just sixteen hours apart of each other, I decided to have a cessation of sessions for a couple days. Those couple days Election Day on Tuesday and the aftermath today. The election of the Republican Trump/Pence brought jubilation to the majority who voted for him and dismay to the minority that voted for Hillary Clinton, such as myself. Fortunately I had an activity away from my apartment which nursed my profound sadness, and even grave depression.
    Yet, during this time, I had stretches of relentless and profound Aless which beckons me to have a session tomorrow morning, Thursday. A good night’s sleep will refresh my fatigue and energize myself for an Aneros session. Take care!

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      11/10/2016at2:31 pm

      @BigGlansDC I heard Hillory had the majority of popular votes and lost on the electoral votes. The Country is really devided and it will take a lot to unify everyone. We see a lot of emotions on the streets.
      Do take care; chanel you energy on to your sessions.

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