• Aless and Kegels in a jockstrap and an athletic cup

    Hi guys,
    Like many baby boomers, I have worn jockstraps for sports and leisure wear over the years since 1963 when I had to get one for 7th grade PE. In those years, a jockstrap was an essential part of a boy’s gym uniform. Men and boys wore a jock and at times also a cup for sports, even for everyday wear. When I slipped on a jock for the first time in early September 1963, not only did it feel real good, but also it produced a sexual awakening in me. A traditional jockstrap has as its components a mesh pouch to contain and support men and boys genitalia, specifically a male’s penis and scrotum, as well as two one inch leg straps and a 2.5-3.0 inch waistband. Jockstraps as we know them were first manufactured in 1874 to protect and support bicyclists genitalia as they rode over cobblestone or brick streets of Boston, MA. In those years, they were called Bike Jockey straps. Soon they evolved into the BIKE athletic supporter, the archetypal jockstrap, with the bike wheel logo on its waistband label. The BIKE Athletic Company manufactured millions of jockstraps for athletes worldwide for a 145 years. BIKE was purchased by Russell Athletic a good six years ago. Russell Athletic ceased to manufacture BIKE jockstraps in 2015. Soon these jockstraps will be rare collector items.
    From day one, I revel in the supportive feel of these jockstrap but I didn’t know why until fairly recently. Both my Aneros sessions and the highly informative Aneros Wiki have told me why. My penis and scrotum containing my gonads are uplifted and supported by the jockstrap mesh pouch. The two leg bands are stitched to jock mesh pouch and covers a vital area of my male anatomy. That is my perineum, my “sweet spot.” I also learned recently that the cremaster lifts and lowers the scrotum for temperature regulation in sperm production in my testes and also lift the scrotum as orgasm and ejaculation approaches. I good jockstrap supports that “lift!”
    The last several days I have worn a BIKE jock with my penis in the upright twelve o’clock position. The mesh pouch supports my scrotum. There is exquisite sexual energy generated by the jock mesh pouch. All this enhances the sweetness of my Aless and the effectiveness of my Kegels and Reverse Kegels.
    While it is very sad to see the BIKE brand go into oblivion, other brands are out there that are very good: DUKE, SafeTGard, Under Armour, C-IN2, etc. Just shop for your jockstrap of choice online.
    Take care.
    Blog entry addition: A few years later in 1965, I purchased my first jockstrap with an athletic cup. It was a Bauer & Black jockstrap with a tunnel pouch into which a cup was inserted. The pouch at the top had two metal snaps to keep the cup locked into position. Most athletic cups in those years were the traditional triangular shaped flat cups that were not comfortable because they didn’t contain well your “junk.” But still I did enjoy wearing that jock and cup. It made me feel real masculine.
    In the 1980’s the first banana cups appeared. They were invented by baseball catchers and equipment developers with comfort and safety in mind. First came the Original Banana Cup, then the BIKE Cup and later the Shock Doctor Cup and the All-Star Shock Jock Cup, and more recently the Nutty Buddy Cup invented mostly for baseball players. I have them all! A banana cup contains the entirety of your genitals (penis and scrotum) and covers also a guy’s perineum to guard against errant baseballs. Banana cups like jockstraps stimulate the perineum. They enhance wonderfully a guy’s Aless and also when he performs the Kegels.

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