• Aless all over my body

    I am still light headed as I write this. Body still tingling. I had the most amazing Aless session to date. It’s so crazy…it doesnt even feel like 4 hours has passed. I also shattered my previous Super-O mark and now I dont even know what it is…all I know is its over 10 mins to be in that state. Over 10 mins of non-stop orgasmic pleasure. It was orgasm on top of orgasm. It was soooo divine.

    This Super O was massively slow building. Literally it was like one contraction every 10 secs of my PC muscle..which I had no control over but with every contraction I swear it felt like a tornado had just touchdown on top of my prostate. It was otherwordly. I controlled my breathing the entire time. And it was deep all encompassing breaths that seemed to basically push an imaginary object up my ass that kissed my prostate. It was such an exquisite feeling.I then incorporated both my nipples into the pleasure and that sent things completely over the edge. I was moaning uncontrollably. My cock was rock hard. I felt my ears close up and sound became completely muted. The skin on top of my head was moving involuntarily. The orgasm itself seemed to radiate from 3 points in my body…at my toes…at my prostate and all over my head. My eyes were rolled to the back of my head. It was surreal feeling. I could feel the warmth of precum moving up my cock shaft…with only a drop seeping out.

    And this was only ONE of the super-Os I had during this long 4 hour session. I’m completely exhausted and overly satisfied.


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      12/30/2018at6:16 am

      @darkbond, what a very erotic and inspirational post! I haven’t had an Aneros session for over a week now. However, my Kegel experience is similar to yours. I am going to try what you described above when I return to bed!

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      12/30/2018at7:43 pm

      Congrats to oh what a milestone in your journey and many thanks for sharing!
      If you’re reaching a point, where you believe your ecstasy and orgasmic bliss can’t be increased any more, please close your thumbs with your forefingers or middlefingers and go ahead … 🙂
      Btw, did you already vocalize your emotions during the session? If you want to let it out, let it out! But before that please close doors and windows to avoid emergency calls!
      The best is yet to come!

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      12/31/2018at3:15 am

      Thanks gents. I was so turned on after this I had to release with a traditional orgasm.

      @SOwithoutAneros I definitely dont think I have reached a point where I cant increase. Anytime Ithink that I am treated to something even more amazing.

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      01/01/2019at8:29 am

      Congrats again, that‘s the best mindset and attitude you can have! 🙂

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