• Ah, and just to add…

    Have been making good progress regardless, as the posts from before point out. Actually, a session two weeks back was great – I tried listening to 'Hypnaerosession' and on top of erotic imagery, waves of adrenaline tingled my abdomen non stop. There came a point where I clamped down intensely, and my dick was having dry ejaculations. On top of this, on occasion I moan almost involuntarily now and that really helps things – along with heavy breathing.
    I discovered that my abdomen plays a big part in the experience, but also I have to allow feelings to shock me with this rush of 'adrenaline', else the whole session numbs out. I believe the numbness comes from both anticipation and expectation.
    Really do want continue using the Aneros, it's just a bummer my ass is having pains and itches right now

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