• Afterglow following my first Super-O, July 4, 2015

    Hi guys,
    I think guys and gals who have had that first time sexually that went well often experience an afterglow which is to be savored and treasured.
    I know this was true when I masturbated and achieved my very first full-fledged orgasm complete with ejaculation of semen around age 14. No one helped me. It just happened of its own accord. Thus began long journey as a masturbator through the years to even now!
    Likewise as a sophomore in college when my college roommate and I engaged in mutual masturbation and cock sucking. I had a profound afterglow which lasted whole night long. Also some years later, when a guy and I got together for a more serious affair that lasted some months. While I never became promiscuous by long stretch, sexual encounters of this type had a profound influence upon me.
    Many years later at age 63, I began my Aneros journey with Helix Syn in early June, 2012. In the two years which followed, I developed an Aneros routine that enabled me to enjoy my various models more and more. Getting Tempo just before Thanksgiving 2013 caused my sessions into a much higher level of fun and pleasure. So whenever I have sessions now, I focus on the fun and pleasure that my Aneros models avail me now. I seldom have dud sessions. Invariably I came away from my sessions with profound Aless.
    My favorite models are Eupho Syn, Eupho Classic, Helix Classic, Maximus, Progasm Classic, Progasm Ivory, and Tempo.
    This morning I had in order just Helix Classic, Progasm Classic, Tempo, and Maximus. This morning I let go and entered more than ever the pleasure of my models and was rewarded with a subtle Super O which turned my body into a vibrant energy of full pleasure. This pleasure grew and grew and grew. The Aless which followed was amazing.
    Aless is continuous, always there, although its pleasurable energy may vary and come and go. I can tap into this pleasure of Aless at any time by stimulating lightly the various erogenous zones of my body. Aless is also a powerful meditation technique upon which I can focus with deep, relaxed breathing.
    For me, the Super-O is subtle, yet very powerful. I have embarked upon exploring a new territory of Super-O uniquely mine own. I believe that there many levels of Aless and the Super-O which I want to experience in the years to come!
    I'll add that I have embarked upon a period of being open to whatever surprises that my Aneros models have for me, such as what happened earlier today!
    Take care!

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