• After Shocks

    Hey guys. Here to tell about another one of my crazy nights/morning. So I really like taking breaks from my aneros toys cause that makes my body and prostate crave them more. So I took two days off and last night was my reintroduction of prostate play. As I'm coming up on 8 months of aneros usage I have learned so much like knowing when to take breaks or when not to ride. So I cleaned out and lubed up. I usually start on my back and just flop around the bed til I cum. Not this time. I got on my hands and knees in the doggy style position. I have tried it before but the sensations were very weak.
    Last night they took me to a whole new place. Within 3 minutes my body began to have convulsions. I mean everything on me wash shaking from my belly to my legs and my dick was just flopping all over the place pouring out pre cum by the gallons.
    So as I am building up these orgasms my penis is growing and throbbing and just feeling amazing. I never contract while I ride but while I was in auto fucking mode my anus just started to tighten up. But it felt different. I would contract longer and hold them while breathing very deeply. I did this a few times and as soon as I would release I would see ropes of cum shoot out. I have had a HFWO before. But I think I just milked myself. It may sound the same but it felt so different.
    Like when I have a HFWO I really feel it rising with the milking it just streamed out like if I was peeing. Which is what followed after the stream of cum. I would leak out drops of cum from my penis then a stream of piss will follow. I know i should not have drunk that juice before my session but I didn't care.
    I stayed on my hands and knees for the whole session. I was very wobbly but it felt so good. I was on auto pilot the whole time and it was just some extra that I have now experience on this great journey. So I did that for a full hour of just building and cumming and slight pissing and doing all this while trying not to wake the parents is very hard. So after time started to fly by me I decided to call it a night. So i pulled him out and cleaned up the mess and put on new sheets and called it a night with a smile on my face. Then it started up again.
    I began to shake like crazy. Now in the mid west it gets really cold around this time. I mean the seasons are changing rapidly and it was 40 degree's out side. But it wasn't the weather it was my prostate I know it was. I was laying on my side not know with one leg out and the other one bent. The waves just shot through my whole body like if I got electrocuted. It felt good but the shaking was keeping me up more and even though I had the day off today I value my sleep. But I remember a good friend of mine and mentor of aneros said that if the body wants more give it to it. Surrender the sensations to the toy and just let go. So I did just that.
    I had after shocks for about a whole another hour. The like every other hour would just wake up to a super O with the device being in. All I could d was rub my nipples and slightly moan into the pillow cause the feeling was so good. Like they eventually stopped at 5 am this morning. I am a little sleepy now but I still feel amazing. I am still surprised at all the stuff my body can do and all that it can take. Ok well I have to put the cum and piss stain sheets in the dryer.

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