• After cold snap, Aneros pleasure!!!

    Hi guys,
    Last weekend we had a cold snap with temperatures below normal which lasted from Friday afternoon last week to Monday evening. Management still has not turned on the heat in our apartments. During this period, it felt more like late November. The cold was so brutal that my apartment felt like an icebox. Fortunately the cold air mass left our area Monday evening. We began having warm afternoons once again on Tuesday.
    I went back to my Aneros sessions sessions late Tuesday morning and had one yesterday Wednesday. But early this morning I had one that I believe was one of the best ever!
    I think it had to do with a couple video clips of guys fucking and masturbating which I found Tumblr the last several days. In these two video clips, these two guys were viewed in such a way you can see the underside of their penises and even anal areas twitching as they ejaculate their semen! That really set me off and got me super-heated or super-aroused for this morning's session.
    My Aneros tools performed so effortlessly as I experienced exquisite "liquid" pleasure. No, I didn't ejaculate, but I experienced Aneros pleasure that was electric!
    Now as I type this, I have Aless with crescendos of pleasure. I'll try to give more details in an update.

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