• After a long holiday hiatus…I'm back!

    [I]After a long break of posting and site visits…I've returned![/I] I've missed being on the site and after a long road trip and a vacation to match, I'm not only back on the site, but back on "the horse" so to speak. I've had to neglect my progasm for the last month and half because of all the activity. So I had to update the blog to let you all know how things went on my triumphant return!
    When I got back in late December, I started browsing through the forums for any new postings and I found a post about making a super-o happen more quickly. It involved separating anal contractions from PC contractions–something that never occurred to me until reading…it seemed so obvious as I tried it while reading. I was able to do it and differentiate between the two feelings.
    Anticipation started to build and I knew it was time to dust off my progasm! Within minutes I was ready to go…none of the usual prep that I was doing earlier on in the process (music, relaxation, etc.)–I was ready to go, so let's GO NOW! LOL.
    After getting a grip, I started to "unclench" my body and did some calm, deep breathing and started insertion. After getting over the process and finding a point in space to focus on and relax, I got ready for what I thought was going to be an hours long (but hopefully fruitful) session. Boy, was I wrong.
    I'd had the thoughts in the back of my mind about the thread about separating the contractions and as I normally don't plan to consciously use contractions, I kept it in the back of my mind as things progressed. After about five minutes (5!) of doing pretty much nothing, the tops of my legs started pulsating–wow that was fast. I tried to control the situation by just breathing and not running for any finish line.
    A couple of minutes pass and a light-O started approaching so I got greedy and went for a contraction, but being mindful to try to use my PC muscles most. I [u]very[/u] lightly contracted paying careful attention not to clamp down. Wow! My cock got instantly hard–something I've only been able to do a couple of times before and I didn't know how I did it. With my new found erection, the sensations exploded inside me. It started pushing me over the edge and my body locked up into orgasm. My back arched, hands clenched, toes curled…I rode it for about ten seconds and I forced myself to back down–but slowly with slight contractions on the way back down. This is good…
    As my body settled down while contracting, I could feel my legs starting to shake again…whoa boy…my cock was jumping at the feeling, still hard. Here we go again. Glad to be back…glad to be back…keep in mind by this point I haven't cum in well over two weeks. I was more than ready. My moans were low, but uncontrollable now as I noticed I was doing it after the fact.
    Here comes another round…boom! Trying to keep control and make it last as long as possible. Amazing feelings washing over me…super-O central station–everybody on! This is within the first 15 minutes! Usually I'm at around 45 minutes or longer before I'm to this point. With a few minute break between orgasms I was back at it. These were orgasms that locked me up but good every time…one of the best sessions (if not THE best) I've had to date.
    At a little over an hour at this, and I was going crazy as my balls were turning the most wonderful shade of blue by this point..perhaps the pain was driving the super-Os, but it was time to wrap up…I had to cum. I starting working my way towards another, but the problem was that my cock had since deflated but leaking like crazy. I went back to separating my contractions and it seemed to do the trick as ever so slowly my erection started to return. Not as fast as I'd have liked, but it was slow and steady.
    When I was rock hard, I started very, very slight contractions–alternating between a couple of each anal and PC muscle contractions. I could feel the wave approaching and just as I started to tense up, I grabbed my cock with loud groan and started stroking–hard and fast. After grabbing my hard on, I could feel the internal orgasm subside slightly, but an even stronger penile orgasm started to build. Grunting and groaning like a man on a sexual mission I went for it with a porn actor's abandon. It hit…the cum started shooting–and I mean shooting…I felt something wet hit my left ear! I could count about eight or ten shots with the lowest hitting the top of my stomach! Jeez…was I pent up or what?!
    I just laid there quivering…I could still feel the progasm dancing inside me like a washing machine agitator–feeling my heart rate pulse through the toy. Wow. Just…wow!
    I think the novelty of the device had worn off enough that I wasn't doing it almost every day–like when I first bought it–I was kinda obsessed (or maybe possessed?) at that time. I found that this time even though I wasn't completely relaxed as I've always tried to be–but I was certainly at a heightened sexual state–it more than did the trick.
    In the new year, I'm hoping to make each session count and not use it just because I want to get off. Don't get me wrong, I can still benefit from my progasm even if it's not as stellar as this session. But after this one, I'm setting the bar up a bit higher.
    Happy new year to all and hope you have an "orgasmic" 2012!

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