• After a busy Work Week…Weekend Explosion!

    So this week has been rather crazy. I failed in the early part of the week at my normally weekly SR. I ended up getting carried away on Tuesday and decided to ejaculate only 2 days in. So with that reset I decided to also give my prostate a break. 2 days in with just diving into my work tasks butt buzz and Aless were pretty much sustaining me. Friday I had a full on fight session with my prostate not to go jumping over the deep end into a Super-O. So here comes the weekend.

    I woke up and cuddled with my wife before she went to work. Raging morning wood poking her back which I ignored because I wanted to see what the remaining time in the day would bring. I laid in bed just lightly kegeling. I felt a warm tingling up my spine…that immediately transformed into the shortest but mind numbing orgasm I’ve ever felt. It literally was maybe 2 seconds…enough for two kegels…but it left me trembling.

    At this point I got up and walked the dog. Came inside and took a shower. In the shower I played with myself a little bit. Stroking my soapy cock. I could feel that slow build of sperm waiting to be released. I then left it alone and rinsed off. I put on some lounge clothes…underwear…tshirt…cotton sweats and retreated to the living room. Lightly started kegels again and withing 5 mins I was getting some nice pwaves.

    I imagined my prostate as a furry ball. Much like a rabbits tail. I brushed myself against the hairs and focused on this movement. BOOM…I’m in a super-O. It feels amazing…the warmth…the radiant feeling….my head shaking back and forth. Pleasure constantly increasing. My cock was rock hard. The feeling on my prostate was pure ecstasy. This lasted a little over a minute. I came down from that high…then a few mins later…it returned with a fury…the furry ball now imagined as being wet and me rubbing another furry ball against it which then turned into lightly swishing both balls together. Oh my word…this one lasted more than 5 mins. I was left sweating…panting…eyes seeing spots…tingling all over…and I came here to post…

    Now I’m going back to see if there is anything left…I’m sure there is…

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