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    Im turning 30 in four months an I so intubed with my sexual apetite that the simplest thing can get me going an I can ride it til the sun comes up. I feel like my prostate has grown the size of a watermellon. A simple tap with a toy sends me into a shaking blissful orgasmic ride that I never want yo get off.

    My prostate, my heart an my brain are so intuned that even my a-less sessions arr mind blowing. I now have distance my self from porn jump starting my sessions an now I read erotic stories online or listen to very scriptive audio of men gooing an orgasming off of there own penises. The grunt of a man tugging at his own meat while his hole is plugged is so hot to hear. I now wear my toys majority of the day. They gove me suprise joits of pleasure that keep me smiling thru out the evening. My prostate is so trained now from all of the countless sessions I end each one with just pouring out cum with out even touching my dick. It some mtimes oozes an then other times it gets on my chest an even in my beard.

    I love my toys an I appreciate my prostate for all the pleasure they both have brought me. So glade I found this site an found my sexual liberation.


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      07/12/2018at12:51 pm

      If I reach 10% of what you seem to be getting I will be so happy!!
      I have no problem getting erections and ejaculating but with very little feeling.

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