• A Voyage of Discovery

    Having read other entries on the blog, I wanted to record and share my experience. I am 45, hetro, married and live in the UK. For a while I have been curious about anal play and have purchased a butt plug and other small items. I felt that I wanted to get into prostate massage and after lots of research I went for Aneros. Looking at the different models, I chose the Progasm Ice. It maybe on the larger side, however some have suggested that it is more forgiving in finding the prostrate. As a beginner this is what I decided to go for.
    Ordering over the weekend, my Progasm arrived on Tuesday. I immediately unpacked it and set about using it.
    As a beginner, I had low expectations of what my first session might bring. I relaxed, applied the anal lube I ordered with the Progasm, lay back and slowly inserted. I remained still for a few minutes, getting used to the feeling of the Progasm inside me before staring with some anal contractions.
    I have never been one for producing much in the way of precum, so I was presently surprised at the amount I did produce after about 15 minutes. It wasn’t exactly flowing, but enough to feel that it was satisfactory for my first time. After a few minutes this did dry up, so I concentrated on trying different positions, while also focusing on my contraction technique.
    I found it most comfortable on my back, so I fully relaxed and just allowed myself to feel the experience of the Progasm inside me. Suddenly I felt me heart rate increasing, my breathing became deeper and new sensations started to go through my body. Partly through the shock, I maybe tried to concentrate too hard on what I was doing and the feelings died away. This was about an hour into the session.
    I lay back again, relaxed and started anal contractions again in an effort to recreate what had just happened. After a few more minutes, my heart rate increased again and the sensations returned, this time my arms started shaking. Again I lost my rythmn and after about 20 seconds the feelings subsided. I’m sure that this what not the full “super-o” that Aneros users seek, however it was a sensation I have never felt before. I’m sure with practise and improved technique I will find what I am seeking.
    At this point I did finish my session and carried on with my jobs around the house. An hour later, I could still feel the effects of what I had experienced within my body. 24 hours later as I write this, I have a feeling within me that something has “awoken” inside of me, hungry for more.
    My first session with my Progasm surpassed all my expectations and gave me a whole new sexual experience. The opportunity to have my next session cannot come soon enough.

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