• A Very Vice Ride

    We had a nice time this afternoon together. Started with her giving me a 30 minute head start with the Vice. New level of prostate sensations today. I think I am learning how to hone the Vice into that perfect spot that runs through your whole body. I tried holding for 15 to 20 second intervals a tight as I could. I got a whole new sensation when I released. I became erect and responsive to the Kegels. after a while I experienced a constant burning sensation on my prostate. Two kinds of sensations depending on if I was contracting or releasing. Both very pleasurable. Almost had a feeling of floating. Spasm after spasm.
    She joins me and takes my cock into her lovely mouth. I am already fairly erect from the prostate massage. The blowjob increases the spasms and flutters causing me to buck towards her. She tugs and pushes on the Vice as she sucks me. She pulls off and throws her legs aver my shoulders. At this point I am in a kneeling position. She touches herself wit her fingers for my pleasure. She picks herself up with her legs to let me taste her sweet nectar. As she slid back down , I put my hard cock in her wet pussy and we fuck with her legs on my shoulders. Vice still roaring.
    After a while I pull out for fear of cumming and she goes to town with her Rabbit. I grab some coconut oil and stroke as I watch her. It doesn't take her long to go over the edge and she grinds the toy to her and she cums over and over. This sends me over the top and I spurt high in the air. The Vice is now on autopilot and working on it's own. We both lie and catch our breath as the feeling subsides.

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