• A very sensual session… feel like I made love to myself?!

    This was a very short session. I knew I would only have an hour and a half max, but I was yearning for a session so I went ahead and had one anyway. I've been extremely aroused for the past few days so I felt like I needed it.
    I relaxed very quickly, quicker than usual. I had lots of small involuntary contractions all over my body, every contraction felt very nice. I started listening to Kelly Howell's 'Ecstasy' to help me keep focus and relaxation, which really helped.
    I began to get very pleasurable feelings in my anus around 5 minutes in. My prostate swelled and I could feel my PC muscles twitching and dancing. I relaxed myself further and just enjoyed what was happening to me. I became so relaxed that I arrived at that 'special' place between sleep and consciousness and I began to fantasise, not intentionally though. I feel like my body brought out these little fantasies to help me with my session.
    I imagined that there were calm waters inside me, I could see them inside myself. As my prostate pushed pleasure through me the water began to ripple and wave in sync with these pleasure waves. The water began to ripple more and more as I felt increasing pleasure through my body. This vision of water made me more aroused as I could feel exactly where the pleasure was, but it was also keeping me relaxed and tranquil. It was beautiful.
    Eventually the waves were quite large as I felt a series of mini-orgasms flow through me. My abs were tensing up in a wave-like motion that followed the pleasure and the water as well. I was totally in sync with my prostate and it felt amazing. I began to feel the pleasure in my penis at this point as well. With every wave that swelled out of my prostate it surged up my shaft to the tip of my cock and continued up my body to my chest. Exquisite.
    There was a short break from the pleasure and this vision of water stopped.
    When things picked up again I could see myself floating in a vast empty space. The involuntary contractions fired up again and my Helix was moving in and out very gently. I then imagined the most beautiful cock penetrating me. I'm straight but this vision turned me on so so much. The cock was just making subtle movements at first and I could feel pleasure in my anus. The cock began to lengthen its strokes (as did my helix) and I could feel a wonderful pleasure in my prostate and my own cock. With every stroke it took me to new heights of pleasure.
    I began to tease my nipples, which only made things better. The pleasure was so intense and it was starting to work its way up my body. I started to feel orgasmic pleasure in my hands and wrists which was new to me.
    This continued for a good 5 or 10 minutes before it stopped and I ended my session there. I'm so relaxed right now. My prostate has been buzzing all day, and since I've started writing this I've had to hop back in to bed because I could feel a mini-orgasm coming along. This is without the aneros as well and it feels so good.
    I'm making quite a lot of progress lately!

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