• A very powerful session with traditional Aneros Maximus

    Hi guys,

    Earlier this morning in the 7 o’clock hour, I had a very powerful session with my trusty traditional Aneros Maximus. It lasted about 20 minutes. I have been working with the Aneros, as many of you know, since early June 2012. After several years of a regimen of Aneros sessions which occurred three/four times a week, I finally achieved major breakthroughs in mid September 2012 with Super-O’s and MMO’s. Since then, I can have all sorts of orgasms on demand most nights in bed mostly through diddling my nipples. Nights in bed are when I can shut out daily cares and blast of daily news. The darkness and quiets enable to relax and thus participate in my erotic activities.

    The Maximus is between smaller models such as Helix and MGX and large, heavy duty models as the Progasm. I am intrigued in the more modern Trident series and how the Trident Maximus performs. I wonder of guys using the Trident series achieve Super-O’s and MMO’s more quickly in terms of months and years.

    Take care!


    • Ggringo

      03/03/2021at8:07 am

      @bigglansdc, I own both the classic and the Trident version of the Maximus. They both give me equal pleasures but in a different way. I find that the Trident version applies more direct pressure from the front tab and the rear tab pressure is far more noticeable than with the classic version.

      To me, the results are the same although I’ve not achieved the SO level.

    • Avatar for Nice Sounding Guy

      Nice Sounding Guy

      03/08/2021at6:19 am


      I love my Syn Tridents and have the Helix, MGX and Eupho which is by far my favourite. It gently tickles and teases my and takes me to places the others haven’t (as yet). Its this little beauty that has gifted me the most intense Super-O’s I’ve experienced.

      I would highly reccoment you invest in one of the above.


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