• A Tightness at my Aneros Sweet Spot, Session for Monday November 12

    Hi guys,
    Today being a federal holiday, I began my Aneros session later than usual around 7:45 a.m. and concluded it finally at 11:30 a.m. in a record time of 3 hours 45 minutes.
    Legend: E = Eupho; M = Maximus; PC = Progasm Classic; PI = Progasm Ice.
    Today's total sequence of Aneros models: Two sub sequences: )1( PI-E-M-PC )2( M-PI-PC.
    Since I am getting more and more adept at using both the Progasm Classic and Ice, I began this morning's session with my Progasm Ice. He slipped in easily to the hilt as always. I spent perhaps a good twenty minutes with him doing several sets of Kegels. Then I switched over the Eupho. I let the Eupho work its delicate magic upon my prostate with a few Kegels, but nothing heavy duty, for about fifteen minutes. Afterwards I switched to the Maximus with several sets of Kegels lasting about a minute clutch each. As always, he gave my prostate and anal canal a good massage. Finally I switched over the Progasm Classic. With this my big bruiser, I did several sets of heavy duty Kegels. Some sets had clutches lasting a minute each and many sets lasted about two minutes each in anal contraction. Thus in this first sub sequence, I was laying the firewood for a super, grand Aneros session.
    It was during the second sub sequence that my Aneros session really took off. With the Maximus, Progasm Ice, and Progasm Classic each in turn, my anal contractions or clutches varied between a few sets lasting a minute, many lasted a good two minutes, and quite a few lasted at most three minutes. Outside of the Kegel sets themselves, I let each model autofuck me at will. Each model gave me a wild ride as a result. I was so absorbed in the massage action and the anal contractions of varying strength that I lost track of time.
    It was around noontime when I finished picking up, putting all the paraphernalia away and cleaned myself up. I had to sit at my PC just to come down from the heights of today's session. What I noticed was or rather is even now a tightness at or in my Aneros sweet spot located at my perineum behind my scrotum. The tightness itself is sweet and radiates waves of pleasure throughout my sexual apparatus, even throughout my entire body and consciousness. The pleasure is awesome. It just feels good. I will savor all of it until my next session early Wednesday morning. Take care.

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