• A Syn-ful New Year

    6 months into my Aneros journey and it is time to try a new model. I started off with the Progasm Ice and it has totally surpassed my wildest expectations so I though I would try a new model. I went for the Helix Syn as it seems to be a popular and highly recommended model.
    As soon as it arrived in the post I could not wait to try it out. I was surprised at the size difference between the Helix and the Progasm and worried that I might have made a mistake.
    Now wether it was because I had had a session with my Progasm the previous night or I was building up sexual energy with the anticipation of the Helix arriving but any worries I had about it were blown away within minutes.
    What I was surprised with is the difference in how the orgasm feels with a different model. An amazing feeling.
    Although I have not been able to use it as often as I would like over the past few weeks, my sessions have got better and better – with the using the Helix Syn I have also achieved hands free ejeculation a couple of times. Fun times.


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      01/18/2017at2:23 pm

      @Citizen71 you have selected two very good models. I started with the H-Syn a year ago and progressed to the P-Ice. You are right, two very different sensations but both very delicious. Recently, I obtained an MGX and a Maximus; in my opinion, they each have their places in my arsonal. I also havea Eupho Syn on order. Thanks for sharing.

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      01/21/2017at1:13 am

      The Eupho Syn was a huge step-up for me from my Helix Syn I began with. The greatly increased mobility once I had the hang of it from the Helix.
      Now for something completely different … Peridise. Start big and go smaller as soon as it is working.

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      01/24/2017at12:04 am

      Very interesting comments. I started with the Helix Syn. I then got the Prograsm based on some recommendations on chat. Yes very different feelings. Sometimes i use the Prograsm to get started and then let the Helix Syn finish up with some pretty good what i think are supper O’s

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      03/25/2017at12:39 pm

      Variety is the spice of life! Started with the Vice, then PIce, EuphoSyn, Peridise, Tempo. Cannot believe the difference the mobility makes – the feelings are awesome and start very quickly! Just received the Peridise and the first session was mindblowing! Will try the Tempo next week! The anal orgasms are more intense than the P and are more frequent! A whole new world and continued exploration is
      on the agenda!

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