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    In a recent post I asked about people’s favourite model and which one they simply couldn’t part with. I mentioned that there were a couple that I hadn’t particularly hit it off with. One of these is, or as I should say now, was my MGX Trident. It has lain in my box among the others with only a couple of outings since I bought it. As I was looking at it a few days ago I began to compare its slightly dull and marble-like finish to that of my Progasm Ice and Junior that are highly polished and shiny. Thinking I had nothing to lose I proceeded to smooth the MGX and polish its surface until it too had a nice glossy finish. I tried it out for the first time last night not really knowing if it would make any difference, but by the end of the session I was convinced it had. From the moment of insertion it felt super slippy so I just lay back to await the response. After a few minutes I felt the first anal contraction begin, I always feel this at the start of a session, it’s like my body has acknowledged that the Aneros is there and begins to work with it. That first contraction was long and slow, I thought it would never end. When it did end my anal muscles relaxed and I felt the MGX moving back in the opposite direction. The pressure of the P-tab is the strongest among all my models I think. I was not in control of the contractions and offered no input. Slowly and rhythmically the tool was drawn in and then slid back again, the ridges at the base being felt with each cycle. By now my penis was rigid and spilling so much pre cum that it had began to pool on my stomach and trickle down my side, glad that I had the foresight to protect the bedding. I was anxious to try face down position as it has been quite new discovery for me, it was rather difficult given my arousal but eventually I managed to persuade my penis into a 6.00 o clock position somehow. Once settled, lying nice and comfortable, legs slightly akimbo, the rhythmic feeling of penetration and withdrawal began again. I have experienced the “auto-fxxk” sensation before, but it has always been quite a rapid fire action while this one was slow and gentle. Before long I drifted into a fantasy and scenario, the details of which are best kept to myself I think : ) I am grateful to Monstermash256 for bringing face down sessions to the fore, I am finding it a most relaxing position. The only slight problem for me is that my erections seem to have become quite persistent during a session for some reason. But I have a plan, @goldenboy, if you read this, a strap and cup are on order!
    By the way, the other model that I have reservations about is my Maximus Trident. I have given it the same treatment as the MGX, it is also now shiny and polished. I have yet to try it but I will report back when I have.


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      11/19/2018at7:21 pm

      @Harper You will not be disappointed with a cup during your sessions! Please let me know which one you are getting? BTW, I agree with your response of the MGX. I had a session recently with MGX Classic and I agree that ‘I was not in controls of the contractions and offered no input.’ I would also agree that the P-tab strength is one of the strongest. I too had much more precum from this session than I usually do.

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      11/19/2018at9:48 pm

      @goldenboy. I am going to try the Shock Doctor Core Supporter 218 with Bioflex Cup medium size. Should be interesting.
      Forgot to add that I found the K tab also makes more contact than any of my other models, it was especially good when face down.

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      11/19/2018at9:57 pm

      Model 213, not 218. Typo.

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      11/20/2018at12:33 pm

      @Harper, I salute you for your extremely erotic post, especially on the subject of Aneros auto-fucking. I am also glad that you are following @goldenboy’s and mine example of wearing a jock and cup during sessions. Have you considered wearing a jockstrap or a jock and cup to bed at night? It is awesome! Finally jocks and cups by Shock Doctor are among the best out there!

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      11/20/2018at4:04 pm

      Don’t know how to explain this underwear to my girl later, but I just surrendered to your praising on jocks and cups and ordered my first to be shipped before weekend. Hopefully she makes it true to leave for a women’s day at the spa with her best friend, giving me some me time to test my new jocks. Had not thought that buying underwear can give me a boner. Now I’m as hard as full of horny anticipation. (Not to mention already having had two ruined TOs after 30 minutes of Aless and another 45 minutes of slow-mo edging and precum-milking in the morning.)
      @Harper, I’d never blame you for it, but maybe your exquisite vivid writing made a major contribution to my actual horniness. Never would have thought that in my mid to late fifties “quite persistent erections could become a slight problem”, 😉

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      11/20/2018at6:31 pm

      @ BigGlansDC. I will certainly give it a try. I have discovered so many things these past 12 months that prove, you will never know until you try. So many things are possible. I will post an update when my new jock and cup arrive and I have road tested them.

      @SOwithoutAneros. Glad to hear you are another newbie to the jock and cup. Having read so many reports by GB and BGDC I thought it had to be worth investigating. So pleased that you liked the blog, I apologise for any discomfort it might have provoked : – )

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